Beez Neez – Ad, Pebbles Club, Mick O’Dowd and Warrior Hotel 1977







ad & photos supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Warrior Hotel around 1977 supplied by Mark Harris & Dave Miller

Mick O’Dowd… More unseen Beez Neez just unearthed in a Time Team dig! Ad was posted in Hastings Observer in about July 1977. Managed to sneak me in as well(Jackie Hazell is to my right so it’s still Beez Neez) with hair!

Tony court-holmes… did we really dress like that

Janine Anne Scott… Judith Clarke, I do declare

Mick O’Dowd… Dead right Janine. Where is she now? Do I spy Hat Trick poster on wall in on-stage pic?

Mark Harris… Love all these old photos!

Mick O’Dowd… I’m a little teapot. Here’s my spout….. Any idea who the guy is in the background Mark? He’s seems familiar.

Mark Harris… Graham Parks (good mate of Chris Pook)

Does anyone remember The Tube asks Mick O’Dowd?

Mick O’Dowd… Does anybody remember The Tube? I rated it and it introduced me to The Pogues( bashing their foreheads with tin trays on video) and Terrence Trent Darby before he was signed doing a very respectable “Wonderful World and I thought this better than any recorded output by him .Has anybody else got recollections of “discovering” artists via The Tube?

Jimmy Kent… Mick, that programme was essential viewing for me. They discovered so many acts like Frankie goes to Hollywood & Terence Trent Darby

Andy Qunta… I was on there with Icehouse, the same show that Frankie Goes To Hollywood were on TV for the first time! Apparently, Trevor Horn saw them on that show, & ended up producing them.

Dennis Torrance… Tube got taken off the air bad language but did enjoy it

Jimmy Kent… Also the politics as well which was why part way through a Redskins performance the sound mysteriously cuts out just before a miner joined the band to protest against the miner’s strike

Alan Esdaile… It was a must watch programme Mick, everyone was always talking about it next day.

Paul Crimin… I remember seeing Frankie Goes To Hollywood perform ‘Relax’ on The Tube and thinking ‘That’s going to be a major hit’. I wasn’t wrong…

Matt Thomas… Essential viewing for me in the 80’s. Loved this show and have a best of DVD released a few years back. Think it was scrapped because of Jools Holland saying the then forbidden ‘F’word on live TV – you groovy fuckers lol

Andrew Bantock… Interestingly, one of the other presenters of the The Tube, Gary James, now lives in Peasmarsh.

Jimmy Kent… Also enjoyed the Tube specials where Jools would go to a certain place. I think there was a Jamaican one & an R&B one. What happened to that young lad Felix

Matt Thomas… Madonna ate him alive when he appeared in one of her videos lol

Darren Johnson… Finishing sixth form at lunchtime on a Friday, going to the pub then getting in at teatime tipsy and watching the Tube each week

Alan Pepper… Great Programme ! Peter Cook introducing Ian Dury in 1977 is what I remember well. The audience didn’t know Billericky Dickie unlike some of us having not long seeing him at Brighton . Good evening I’m from Essex …..

Chris Meachen… Loved the tube, one of my favourite moments was Jools “this next video is really trippy, so get drugs now” then Paula’s face coming into shot,- “no, don’t” . Wonderfully anarchic!

Dave Nattress… The Tube was another essential music show and did a lot for introducing new bands.

Jo Turner… I got down to the last two candidates for camerawoman interviewing for the tube, then didn’t get it.