What fact at school, that was proved to be wrong?

Carol Ann Bolton…. Robert the Bruce was a good guy!

Joe Knight… Spent to much time watching Spiders in Cave

Jim Breeds… That algebra would be essential in our day to day lives!

Terry Huggins… I use algebra all the time. Have I got time to cross the X wide road before yonder truck traveling at Y mph flattens me? It also helps when trying to remember formula such as Ohm’s law: V=IR.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… ..and Logarithms!! The only time I ever used them was during an exam to get into the WRAF!

Eric Peckham… Logarithms. My God, they cause me SO much trouble.

Jim Breeds… I still have my “log book” somewhere. Antilogarithms for me!

Reg Wood… You won’t learn anything behind the bike shed

Terry Huggins… The existence of God

Paul Crimin… The Giza pyramid was the tomb of pharaoh Khufu, and that it is 4,000 years old. Wrong!

Tom Hodkin… You won’t always have a calculator with you !!!!

Paul Redfearn… That you can trust a government?

Mike Guy… Really, they taught you that? I thought that history shows the opposite.

Yvonne Cleland… That the inside of the world was completely molten.

Jim Breeds…  Like a Creme Egg!

Mike Guy… That brain cells are fixed, but now we know that there is plasticity.

Ralph Town… That I was stupid…..ok, I’ll get my coat

Judith Monk… Many names of countries that now exist under other names…bugger Geography..

Jacqueline Marsh… That I would be grateful for learning to do logarithms B***S****

Hans van Zutphen… Ha! I couldn’t do my job without those!

Mick O’Dowd… That “Could do better” I now know that I could have!

David Francis… That each generation always becomes wealthier, healthier, better housed and educated and happier than the previous one.

Sophie Ash… Genes are biological. (This discredited term is now only a socio-political tool/weapon).

Tim Barton… que?

Sophie Ash… Ah! You have low-IQ Hispanic immigrant gene. See how it works now?

Ewan Smith… That I would never amount to anything , I am expanding nicely … well my waistline anyway ‘

Sharon Kirby… That we need to eat animal products to survive! Biggest myth ever!

Will Cornell… That if we sat on the floor under the windows, with our heads tucked between our knees and hands clasped behind our neck to keep the head down as uncomfortable as it can get…that we’d survive a nuclear blast. We eventually figger’d it out, we were practicing kissing our butts goodbye.

Jeanette Jones… A Yes! Protect & Survive as opposed to Protest & Survive

Eugene Hughes… If the wind changes your face will stay like that

Sean Kelly… Most of them

Steve Reents… That Christopher Columbus was a hero

Kev Carleonis… That Radio Caroline was going to end!

Paul Morfey… Yes, they said mankind was top of the tree, far more intelligent than other animals!! Well I look around me and I can see, that just ‘ant true!! Do you need a list or do understand what I’m saying??

Derek Hall… That teachers are always right!


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