Did you like Worzel Gummidge or find it scary?

Thanks to Josie Lawson for suggesting this post.

Janine Anne Scott… Freaked

Roger Simmonds… Loved it still have DVDs!

Dawn Leaney… Loved it! ♡ xx

Terry Pack… I never saw it, so this is the first time I’ve heard the theme music, which sounds like some written for a sitcom 20 years earlier (something with Terry Scott in it). The drummer is trying to make it sound a bit more 80s, and is clearly on the wrong session.

Philip John… The English equivalent of the American clown in the Stephen King book & film IT, though didn’t they make a horror film called The Scarecrow?

Keith Cowper… Loved it saw the show in London have signed pics of the cast! Still show the dvds to my grandchildren

Lyn Humphrey… Loved the prog. And when a very young child, my Mum read me the novels. Magic.

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