Who used to waste their health and money on these cigarettes?

Eric Peckham… I used to smoke B+H. Changed to rollies, then gave up just after I got married.

Matt Thomas… You did Alan – Dunhill International as i recall lol. I was on B & H for about 30 years until i gave up 3 years ago

Peter Fairless… Marlboro

Lisa Jane… First packet of fags I bought for myself was 10 Rothman around 1980 when I was 12

Lloyd Johnson… I gave up smoking in 1973….B&H

Alan Esdaile… I can remember saying to school friends I’m never going to smoke. Then that weekend my mates had a packet of no.6 over the west hill rocks and not wanting to be the odd one out, I said yes, when offered one. Big mistake, glad I gave up years ago though.

Spanna Mo… I think maybe a lot of was established our smoking career over by the West Hill rocks and caves. I used to be at Priory Road School, and we would walk down there at lunch time and smoke. Got busted by one of the teachers… Appeared out of nowhere… We all got caned. Didn’t deter me from continuing on as a smoker though.

Wendy Weaver… Gave up B & H in 1992. Started when I was about 14 on Sobranie (a boyfriend used to Nick them from his mum).

Spanna Mo… I used to smoke the sabrani black Russians… With a gold tip and all… The most stylish cigarette in the world, but I also tasted and smelled great. It’s quite possible that the packaging was part of the appeal for many of us who fell for that one.

Angela Frances Gardner… I used to smoke Sovereign at 18 1/2 p and then started smoking Golden Virginia for the same price!

Perri Ann Haste… I remember smoking Peter Styvesant & Consulate the menthol ones with the white tips & lighting the wrong end when you were still allowed to smoke in the cinema

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I started on Consulate, which were menthol. Then moved onto Silk Cut and was smoking Super Kings just before I gave up. I gave up about 18 years ago Best decision ever! I couldn’t afford to do it now!! Oh, and do you remember Sobranos? They were cocktail cigarettes and were different colours. And Mores – the long thin brown cigarettes!

Matt Thomas… Remember Mores ha ha green or red packs,how about ‘Kim’ with the star shape cut into the filter?

Tony Davis… I smoked Rothmans from about 13 until I gave up aged 42. So glad I stopped.

Alan Esdaile… Remember smoking Disque Bleu down the HiFi Club.

Susie Prescott… I loved their smell, can still remember it now

Matt Thomas… Fags from the health shop that smelled like bonfires!!!!

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… Tried the herbal cigarettes. Disgusting and we were banned from smoking them in the pub!

Janie Lowe… Used to walk to school 1960 and stop and buy single cigs from the paper shop with my dinner money.this was in Banstead surrey gave up 1990.the shop keeper would be in trouble now selling to 12 year olds

Dave Nattress… Sex, drugs, drink, women, rock n roll, but fags NEVER EVER.

Tony Davis… do you remember The Candy Box on the corner of Plynlimmon Road and Gordon Road used to sell cigarettes individually.

Wendy Weaver… Jaconelli on the seafront used to sell single cigarettes.

Mick O’Dowd…  Errands to the shop. 5 Weights ciggies “for my Mum”?????

John Warner… Me to 10 woodbines and 20 senior service!

Wendy Weaver… Craven A for my grandad

Alan Parker… My local chippie would sell you 1 ciggie for 2d if you bought 6d of chips

Clifford Rose… 10 buckingham for my mum from the newsagents in St.Andrews Square.

Leigh Weiland-Boys… The first ciggies I bought were a pack of 5 Bristol. Haven’t smoked since 5th November 1985!!

Spanna Mo… When we were still in Primary School – we used to sneak over the fence and buy, five pack cigarettes called “Dominoes,” [anyone remember them ?], and smoke ’em back in the trees. I was probably ten years old, and the shop keeper never questioned us… I would guess that we probably said they were for our dad. Later on – I graduated periodically to just about every brand pictured above… Not any more – and embarrassed to admit – but in total – I smoked for almost fifty years.

Lloyd Johnson… We did the same Spanna at the other end of town. I remember Domino cigarettes. They came in a flimsy packet with various Dominoes print on them.I also remember Turf cigarettes with aeroplane cards which you had to cut out of the inner packet to form a fag card….

Amanda Brooks… It used to be B+H for me ! Rothmans or Embassy if they’d run out hehe

Ernest Ballard… Benson and also no 6. Later silk cut



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