Graham Nash – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 24th July 2018

The legendary artist Graham Nash – of Crosby, Stills, and Nash and the Hollies – will be performing an evening of songs and stories at the Pavilion in July.

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Alan Esdaile… Perhaps someone will ask him if it was him backstage at the Jimi Hendrix gig on Hastings Pier.

Colin Norton… Would certainly clear up the mystery

Jim Breeds… Well, he didn’t answer me on Twitter when I asked him a couple of years ago, lol. Ive got second row seats for this gig. I’ll pass him a note

NME Magazine is over – no more printed copies

Jim Breeds… So. Farewell then.NME Print Edition. You made it to 66 years young.
You influenced my musical tastes. Now you have gone the way of the music.
To the great Online gig in the sky. J. Breeds  Age 17½

Alan Esdaile… Not surprised, I did pick up the odd copy from HMV in recent years but a quick flip through and nothing much of interest. Unlike its hey day.

Peter Fairless… Nothing lasts forever..

Steve Sampson… Top tune that !

Martin Richter… such a shame – I had it delivered and took it to school to read – great reportage. aww – the Ray Lowry cartoons – T-zers – and the fact that a week later I found out that the atrocious support band to the dead kenneydy’s was (in fact) tenpole tudor! (they were fecking awful!)

Chris Meachen… I was always a muddly maker fan myself, but a shame nevertheless…

Martin Richter… used to get them both MM was more *muso* ?

Matt Thomas… Very sad and have vivid memories of fighting over the crossword in the Masons Music staffroom lol

Alan Esdaile… Nothing more satisfying, then getting an answer to a crossword clue, when no one else got it. Well maybe on a few occasions!

Tony Davis… I seem to remember that Nils Logren quite often appeared as an anagram. Shame though but its halcyon days are long gone.

Paul Crimin…  I’m still getting over the loss of the Melody Maker…

Alan Pepper… My big brother never did forgive our Mum for throwing away his old NME’s from 1964. I enjoyed them in the mid Seventies when punk arrived and wished I had kept mine !! Sad day nevertheless …

Peter Fairless… Never mind the NME, I wish I’d kept my Disco 45s!

Martin Richter… took photos for them once

Clifford Rose… Yes, it was the only way of finding out why the Judge Dread singles were not played on the top 20 radio programme.

Jan Warren… Oh what a shame, I bought it every week in the 60s and 70s!


Did Elton John (Reg Dwight) play Hastings Pier?

Clive Garrard… I remember reading somewhere that Elton John said the oddest gig he did was supporting The Who on the end of Hastings Pier. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it.

Alan Esdaile… Could it have been Bluesology? Anyone confirm?

Colin Bell… when I first started going into DJM in New Oxford Street he was Dick James teaboy/session player etc and played in loads of odd bands that were put together, like Mr Bloe etc, so maybe he was in a supporting band to The Who at some stage but I have no personal knowledge of any appearances on the Pier, but Bluesology could well be it.

Jim Breeds… He was also the performer on many of the Hot Hits LPs cover versions.

Colin Norton… His best session has to be The Hollies “He ain’t heavy….”

Clive Garrard… I did not read the comment about Elton John.He actually said this himself in a documentary tv programme “the strangest gig that i ever played was as support to “the Who” on the end of Hastings Pier”.

Pete Fairless… Was asked this very question today in Bands On Hastings Pier. After a quick check of t’interweb, here’s my reply… In 1966, Reg was playing with Bluesology. In April, they supported The Who at a gig at the Links International Club in Boreham Wood. That makes sense, because it’s near Reg’s home and, apparently, at the time his Mum drove him to their gigs. This appears to be a one off support gig, not a tour. It’s also recorded that John had a chat with Reg in the bar where Reg was complaining that the other members of Bluesology wouldn’t let him sing. Now, The Who played Hastings Pier on 21st August 1966. I guess it’s possible Bluesology supported but I’ve seen nothing to confirm that. It would be odd. However, Sir Reg appears to claim he was there!

Colin Norton… I just found this Bluesology Gig list:

Pete Fairless… No mention of either gig there!