Catsfield Steamers rehearsal


supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate… I have this picture to hand, taken after the time I ran the Box. It’s a Catsfield Steamers rehearsal: Kevin Hoad on drums, John Burgess (later vocalist with Better Days), Brian Chainey just visible behind John, Jane Downes and myself (playing the Gibson SG mentioned in a post on this page a few days ago). Umpteen other Steamers would also have been there.

Yvonne Cleland… I used to work with JB. He’s now the rector at Fairlight church. Catsfield Steamers were a cracking band.

Paul Dengate… The Steamers are still playing, though not so often since Will, Jane, Jo and myself left at the start of this year

Tim Moose Bruce… I like the Plastix on the graffiti o the wall. Remember them as a Bexhill punk band.

Andy Caine… Hi Paul, is that the SG I bought from you?

Paul Dengate… Yes

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