Grundy, Jinks & members of The Weathermen, Centre Page & Hillstreet. Tudor Rose 1997


supplied by Peter Millington


supplied by Bobby Posner

Bobby Posner… Can you name all my old friends and groups?

Redstar Richter…. Min?

Myra King… Nigel Davies, Clive Davies

Andy Qunta… Looks like dear old Dermot Murphy, front row right! Dave Easton front & centre! Now I need to start looking more carefully!

Barry Newton… I can see King, Rod , Kirk and Greg

Terry Pack… Terry, Ginger, Trevor…

Mark Harris… Was that at the Tudor Rose?

Peter Millington….Yep Mark it was – the gig went from 12:00 midday to 12:00 midnight – live music and laughs all the way. I have to say we kinda faded after 9:00pm though LOL. This was a private party (same as previous picture of Grundy) upstairs in the Tudor Rose, where the entertainment came from musician friends and free – bless ’em all. GRUNDY (Clive Davies, Bob Posner, Kirk Ronchetti, Nigel Davies RIP) JINKS (Rod Trowell, Trev Spears, Terry Chedzoy, Kevin Hoad, Peter Millington) Plus members of THE WEATHERMEN. CENTRE PAGE, HILLSTREET (Chris Sayer RIP, Paul Burton, Kingsley Trowell, RIP, Tony Bird, Stuart Grimes, Stuart Moir, Rev Stockdale RIP, Dermot Murphy, Pete Gladwish, Dave Easton, Greg Pearce, Pete Shaw, Dudley Trowell. The best “Jam Session” ever – a great afternoon enjoyed by all. Every musician, bar a couple perhaps, were playing in the ’60s and have played on the Pier many times between 1961 and 1990. Most are still playing in various groups in and around Hastings, unless of course they’ve moved on to a higher calling RIP.

Robert Searle… Great picture of some smashing blokes

Peter Millington… Second Photo. L-R Back Row = Paul Burton, Stuary Moir, Pete ?, Kirk Ronchetti, Terry Chedzoy, Peter Millington, Kevin Hoad, Chris the Banjo? ? Trev Spears, Clive Davies, Bobby Posner, Nigel Davies, Rod Trowell, Stuart Grimes. L-R Front Row = Kingsley Trowell, Greg Pierce, Chris Sayer, Dave Easton, Rev Stockdale, Dermot Murphy. Great afternoon of busking and drinking upstairs at the Tudor Rose, St Leonards May 1997.

Robert Searle…. Sounds like an ideal situation Pete,wished i could have been there.

Peter Millington… In the first photo Dudley Trowell added to bottom left but I still can’t identify the two faces lurking behind the crowd. What I do to keep my muso friends off the streets on a Sunday!

Peter Gladwish… Oh yes, I remember it well! I’m now in the front row between Dud and Kingsley Trowell. Main bands were Jinks, Centre Page, Grundy & Hill Street, with loads of other excellent muso’s joining in at various stages. This is my version of the same event. I was the drummer for Centre Page at the time, when Rev was on the keys. He was later replaced by Paul Burton on rhythm guitar. This was also the first time all the members of King Rod had been under the same roof since splitting up in 1975. (King & Rod Trowell, Greg Pearce & myself). This was quite a gathering which can never be repeated. Still missing Chris Sayer, King Trowell, Rev Stockdale & Nigel Davies like mad.

10885141_909832835695664_3159388504106767253_nsupplied by Peter Gladwish

Peter Millington… Peter thanks for your version of such a great afternoon, Spotted Chris ? (between Stuart and Terry) who played with Tony Bird in Hill St. Come to think of it Tony must be the one hiding at the back that Terry is looking at.

Peter Gladwish… Thought about that myself Peter but I’m sure Tony left very soon after Hill Street had played their set and well before any of these pic’s were taken. I never knew the other guys in his band, so can’t offer any other names. I’ve always been puzzled by the tall blonde bloke with white trousers standing next to you. I remember his face from school but just can’t put a name to it. Any ideas, anyone?

Terry Pack… Hill Street included Tony Bird, a singer/guitarist from Eastbourne whose name escapes me. Maybe Dave (?). Stuart (?) from Ninfield on bass and Chris Bramblebly on drums.

Alan Esdaile… Here’s the photo of Hill Street Terry from 1985. L-R Back Row = Bernie Marchant, Paul Kendrick, Chris Brambleby, L-R Front = Tony Bird, Mick Ingram.


supplied by Hastings groups from 1958 to present

Robert Searle… Good picture of Hill Street at the beginning.

Stuart Moir… We are all there somewhere Happy Xmas everyone x

Peter Millington… Terry I think by the time this picture was taken, Tony was using his keyboard to play the drums so no Chris Brambleby! Dave Acker is the Eastbourne singer/guitarist you’re thinking about but I can’t see him in the picture. There was another singer/guitarist named Chris ? and he’s just to the left of Terry Chedzoy. The one with white heans and black shirt in the middle of the picture is a mystery but I’m sure someone out there will name him eventually. Have a Great! Christmas Terry and a very happy New Year.

Terry Pack… Thanks, Ginger. You, too. I never knew either of Dave’s or Stuart’s surnames. I did several deps with Tony’s bands down the years, starting in 1973 with a gig for his trio with Mac! I replaced Mick for a few months in the band with Kendy and Bunny in 1979 or 80. It was mostly social clubs and holiday camps back then, as I recall, but plenty of them: three a week most weeks. It seemed that every band was busy. Before the financial crisis, I was doing 25-30 a month. These days, I count myself lucky if I do 3 or 4 a week. Not complaining, I’m very happy to be playing.

Pete Shaw… That’s me at the back chatting to Kevin Hoad! !

Jan Warren… Remember seeing them a few times in various pubs!

Joe Knight… thats upstairs it now a house were talking to owners in MIKKI BAR



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