The Tony Macaulay and John MacLeod Song Book LP supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… I did a session for him once. Mike Hatchard booked me for it. (Mike was incredibly kind to me on that session )Tony Macaulay was fascinating. Lots of great stories. So many hits he had written ! We were demoing songs for the proposed musical of Goodnight Sweetheart. (blitz meets cockney ) the writers of the tv show visited us, amazing session. I realised I can’t sing like a cockney (gaw blimey guvner! Wantcha tummy rubbed !) BBC 2 came and interviewed him while we were there.

Funeral In Berlin – Michael Caine Film – ABC Cinema March 1967

Dennis Torrance… I thought this film was about 1965 and billion dollar brain was 1967

Nick Prince… It was basically a sequel to the Ipcress Files (1965), with the same characters etc etc. It was filmed in 1966 and released 23rd December, 1966 in the USA and 22nd February, 1967 in the UK.

Andrew Caine – Records 1985/1986

supplied by Pete Prescott

Terry Pack….A really good song, this. Co-written by Andy and Tich

Steve Kinch….I think that must have been Andy’s “Looking down” period

Pete Prescott….everyone talks about his voice (which is great) but i know how many remember what a wonderful guitar player he is.really melodic.he played a lovely solo on the demo of you might need somebody (randy Crawford had the hit with it ) the guy on that played what Andy had recorded.

Andy Caine….jerry marotta on drums on the first draught at parkgate then James Guthrie remixed some tracks , re-recorded some. Tony beard and Neal wilkinson played drums also. Mickey feat, Felix krish and andy pask on bass, Danny Schogger , keys. Martin ditcham, perc.