Andrew Caine – Records 1985/1986

supplied by Pete Prescott

Terry Pack….A really good song, this. Co-written by Andy and Tich

Steve Kinch….I think that must have been Andy’s “Looking down” period

Pete Prescott….everyone talks about his voice (which is great) but i know how many remember what a wonderful guitar player he is.really melodic.he played a lovely solo on the demo of you might need somebody (randy Crawford had the hit with it ) the guy on that played what Andy had recorded.

Andy Caine….jerry marotta on drums on the first draught at parkgate then James Guthrie remixed some tracks , re-recorded some. Tony beard and Neal wilkinson played drums also. Mickey feat, Felix krish and andy pask on bass, Danny Schogger , keys. Martin ditcham, perc.

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