Tramps Disco Club Warrior Square. 1976/1977








Pete Fairless…..I’m in shock! These belong in the museum, anyway. What a great bit of social history. Not one over eighteen, I’ll bet!

Joe Knight…..looking good Alan!!!!

Eve Neuke….How many nights did I spend there as a foreign 16-year-old student!

Jim Breeds….Whatever happened to Go-Go girls? 🙁 Gosh, Tramps. I didn’t go there very often but that’s another memory bank nudged.

Mick O’Dowd….They went! Always remember you playing Van McCoy’s The Hustle and I have never heard it sound better than at Tramps!

Jeanette Jones……Great memories:)

Peter Pursglove…..That was my last Venue with Paul Casson RIP , we used to pack them in there


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin…..Just look what you could get for 40p – great value eh Alan ! from Hastings Observer Autumn 1977

Dawn Leaney… Loved Tramps! The 2 girls nearest the camera in the photo in the middle are Karen and Lynn and they were in my class at school at the time this was taken! We were about 15/ 16 ! 🙂 good times!

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  Completely forgotten about Tramps! Great photos, thanks for sharing .

Chris Giles… I used to go and I’d forgotten about Tramps.

Steph Drayton… Looks fab – wish they’d reopen it for us newbies – didn’t know there was even a hotel on Warrior square!

Robert Searle… Played there with Dave Easton in our group Easy Street.

Kevin Burchett… It was where the burnt out drs surgery was before they knocked it down and built the new building.

Julie Morris… Fab – and Steve Maxted was there too sometimes. I wonder if Steve still stabs his cheeks and drinks raw eggs! Maybe we should have a Tramps reunion with you both there Alan?!! Great venue. I remember you well there Alan – loved it.

Dawn Leaney… Used to talk about what we were wearing all week at school. . A new top from Chelsea Girl maybe? .. and then boogie all eve.. sometimes even walk home to Ore afterwards! 🙂

Jackie Hutt… Loved it…!

Tessa Howard/Leila…. had so much fun at Tramps

Joe Knight… Still going strong m8

Eva Berthold… I do remember this special T-Shirt. It went all the way to Germany…

Daryl Perkins… Loved that place….pernod and black was my drink in those days!


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