Jan Warren with band – Motorbike Rally 1970

Alan Esdaile… What was the name of the band Jan?

Jan Warren… We didn’t really have a name, I just sung with lots of musician friends in pubs and clubs in London in the 1970s/80s, done a few recordings with some of them, then I sung with some bands when I lived in France for 6 years, also done a bit with some bands in The Bexhill Rowing Social Club when I moved back to Bexhill in the late 90s/2000 …………. and karaoke …… Oops, haha …….. in some Bexhill pubs?! Huh, OK?! This pic was taken at a motorbike rally in the 1970s with Rob and Paul Saunders on guitars, I done a few gigs with them at the motorbike club, and my hubby, Pete Watson always done the disco!

Alan Pepper… Great photo Jan ! Hey you’re a bit of a dark horse eh ? Thinking about it that’s a good name for the band… Dark Horse (or has that been used?)

Jan Warren… Wow Alan, Dark Horse is a great name for a band!! 🙂

Alan Esdaile… Dark Horse was the name of George Harrison’s record label.


Rent or Buy Rediffusion TV from Abraham or Bryant 1966

Dennis Torrance… I rented in 73 from rediffusion a Doric the largest one when they put in my basement flat they struggled to get it down the steps so heavy

Mark Praid… Don’t forget the colour plastic that you could put on your screen for colour TV. Blue at the top, Orange in the middle and Green at the bottom……Total crap but The Clangers looked good.

Jan Warren… My Mum and Dad rented for years …………

Name your favourite song by The Carpenters

Pete Prescott… This masquerade, lovely version. I remember the first time I heard that voice.i was just about to go to school one morning ( in sittingbourne) Tony Blackburn played it. It was we’ve only just begun. Wow!

Sheila Maile… Yesterday once more. When she died it was an awful waste saw the biopic of the carpenters story on TV. A real tearjerker. One of the best female vocalists ever

Jan Warren… Yes, “Goodbye to Love” is my fave too!!

Alan Esdaile… yesterday once more

Anne Gower… Leaving on a jet plane

Chris Fagg… …”Goodbye To Love” great piano cadences…

Chris Meachen… While I always thought they were far too squeaky clean for my tastes, her voice was utterly beautiful, as were the lush harmonies in their music. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be ‘Close to you’..

Charles Sharrod… every note still touches my Trisha’s heart

Chris Sambrook… Bloody good drummer was Karen Carpenter. Close to you gets to me everytime. Reminds me of my first girlfriend i loved. HHMM must have been a longtime ago. Would have been a bit strange if it had been Silver Machine ENUFF said.

Iain Cobby… ” Good bye to love” fantastic lead break that fades oh too soon. Makes me cry…………

Pete Fisher… the late great Tony Peluso…live version here, solo from around 1’37”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7riL90lH7M

Chris Fagg… YEEES ! THAT’S IT…In my all time favorites that shiver me timbers ! amongst Bach, some Mozart, Lennon/Mac’a, and sax breaks on Will You & Baker St. Thanks, all !

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Marquee Club – May 1982 and chat about Tandoori Cassette



supplied by Roger Carey

Talking of The Marquee, I’m pretty sure Expandis supported Tandoori Cassette at the gig on 26th May 1982? Can you confirm John Wilde?

David Miller… No-one can confirm John Wilde – he is mercury, will-o-the-wisp, the enigma variations and more all made incarnate and barely contained within that delightul vessel we all know and love. As to Tandoori Cassette, we defintely supported them at the Marquee and I got to shake Zal Cleminsons hand, hoping that some sort of transmission would take place and I could play like him, even just a little….still waiting….

John Wilde… Affirmative. And they were most excellent

Phil Thornton… Tandoori Cassette were indeed excellent ! and a top bunch of blokes as well – super cool to meet Zal !!!

1960’s Slang Words

source: unknown

Josie Lawson… Wow!I love that. Will keep a copy. Back in the 80s/90s I had a penguin book of slang which I used for my writing and a phrase and fable book but really thought my writing had gone but it’s back along with a pep talk from Alan when he very kindly visited me in hospital. I really want to try and get back to short story writing along with a hopeful novel along with my favourite poetry being a poet. I have an electronic dictionary/ENCYCLOPEDIa and wish could get the other mentioned electronically also.
Thanks Alan for posting….

Terry Huggins… I think this is more American than English.

Jan Warren… Yeah Terry, I know a lot of it comes from Americanisms, has done for years! Love these too, remember them well and I’m sure there’s many more?! – funny how I hate the so called “slang words” used today??!! – especially “hub” and “station” as used for Nurses and School classes, fridges, prams etc ……. also “sick” “soz” ……… Ohhhh, there’s so many, am I getting old or something??!! haha

Tony Davis… Groovy man

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Oh Lordy…I still use some of the above!! Although boob tube was something completely different to me!!

Tony Davis… Me too. Usually a sparkly elasticated piece of ladies apparel

Terry Huggins… To me a blast was a toke on a joint, a boob tube was a type of woman’s top, Cuties was a word Frank Zappa and no one else ever used, Fox was a little wild dog that conservatives enjoy torturing and killing, Giimme some skin is completely new, Groovy and outa sight were soppy words that Americans and arty people used, hang loose meant dangle, rat fink was a childish expression that popped up in batman comics, bugs were Volkswagens, snowing down south is another new one, and we used to say unstuck rather than unglued.

Judith Monk… What about the ‘pussy pelmet’ or miniskirt!

Mick O’Dowd… Watch out! We’re getting into snowflake upsetting country!

Alan Esdaile… remember saying shut your cakehole

Janet Rennie… I still do haha. Also Funky

Yvonne Cleland… coool

Julian Jules Carter… There ya go!

Mike Guy… Fab, gear!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Mardy?! When I used that after relocating down south no one knew what I meant…!


Felix – Ore Centre Rock Festival May 1975.


supplied by Roger Carey

Roger Carey (bass), Wesley Magoogan (Sax)

Wesley Magoogan… Blimey ! With a young Roger Carey !

Sarah Harvey… Great photo. I remember watching Felix rehearsing at St.Helens Church Hall and also remember organising the annual Ore Festivals….happy times. 🙂

Yvonne Cleland… Those were the days! Has Rog got any of the rest of the band?

Alan Esdaile… Sorry Yvonne , no other Felix ones at the moment but hopefully he will find some more. I do have some very good Pueblo ones to post soon.

Sarah Harvey… Samisen used to rehearse there as did a few other bands. Harry Williams was a big part of the Ore-Zodiac Community Association and I think the Town Council may have rehearsed at The Zodiac Centre (Formerly Round Table) in Priory Road.

Kev Towner… Reading all this stuff, I come away with the impression that everybody was in about five bands – at the same time!! LOL

Phil Gill… Still are Kev.

Conan Howard… found I have some photos of FELIX at the Carlisle when Samisen played at the same gig. will see if I can post them , if I cant do it I shall pass them over to SARAH to do it ….all the best CONAN

Dave Weeks… Bring back the Ore Centre rock festival.

Sarah Harvey… Funnily enough I thought of reviving it for old times sake but got enough to do right now with Hastings Rock

Yvonne Cleland… I was at that gig. I seem to remember that Will volunteered me to announce Felix!

Ernest Ballard… Great picture

Jo Turner… Me and Liz Turner. I remember this so well.

Tony Qunta… Great pic! Brings back wonderful memories

Colin Gibson… Is that a Burns bass Rog is playing? That was my first bass! It had a mini jack, so if your lead went, you were fucked!