Terry Huggins R.I.P.

I’m very sorry to share this very sad news but Terry Huggins has died. Many people here will have lots of happy memories of Terry. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

His daughter posted this on his facebook page…

We’re very sorry to tell you all that our kind, crazy and witty Dad went to sleep at 22.34 on 19 May 2018. We miss him already.
Thank you all for your kind words and support over the last few weeks. This meant so much to Dad and lifted his spirits; he was truly overwhelmed, as were we all.
We’ll keep everyone updated with the funeral arrangements.
(We’ve grammar proofed this status over 100 times. Hopefully we’ve done him proud).

Many tributes posted on his facebook page, here are a few that have been posted on this page...

Allyson Breeds… RIP Terry, you will be sadly missed.

Jim Breeds… So long, friend

Angela Frances Gardner…  I’m so sorry to hear this , I passed by the hospice on Friday and thought of him, so sad for you all. May he RIP 😓 so glad I got to see him 2 weeks ago

Liane Carroll… RIP Terry. Xxxxx

Nick Prince… Indeed. RIP Terry. What a great sense of humour you had. I will never forget that.

Jo Turner… Hard to imagine such a huge character gone. RIP Terry

Jan Warren… R.I.P. Terry xxx

Colin Norton… RIP Terry.

Alan Esdaile… So sorry to hear the news, he will be missed. Certainly a character, even arranging and being at his own wake. When he was unable to talk, it didn’t hold him back and many times we would have conversations with pen and paper. He certainly entertained us with his facebook posts, loved the models he made and all his great history posts. R.I.P. Terry

Glenn Piper…  R.I.P. Terry

Tony Davis… RIP Terry

Leigh Wieland-Boys… R.I.P Terry

Matt Thomas.. R.I.P. Terry – will be sadly missed by all of us at Hastings Shopmobility

Reg Wood… Good memories of Terry from school. Sorry to hear this.

Funeral arrangements shared from Terry’s facebook page…

So you all know, Dads funeral will take place on Thursday 31st May 2018 at Hastings crematorium. This will be followed by a good old knees up at the The Carlisle; Dad made it clear that he wanted us to get good and drunk on his behalf.
Dad will have one last ride, being pulled by a Harley Davidson from the The Carlisle to the crematorium. Anyone who would like to ride with Dad, please arrive at The Carlisle at 11:00 on the day; this would make us all very happy.
As you know, Dad wasn’t a fan of wearing a suit and led a colourful life. Given this, we’d prefer colourful and causal dress, so we can celebrate his character properly.
Although we appreciate people may want to send flowers, we’re conscious that St Michael’s Hospice (Hastings and Rother) rely heavily on donations.They took such good care of Dad (and us), so if you were thinking of sending flowers please donate to them instead. If you’d just like to donate (because St Michaels are amazing) please go ahead …
We realise Dad was so much more than our father, so we’d really love to hear your stories and memories of him. Please PM Zena with anything that makes you laugh or think of Dad and we can try to include these on the day. We think he’d like that.
We so hope you will all be there to join us in celebrating our wonderful Dad and give him (another) send off he deserves.
Lots of love
Shirley Crystal Zena and Nick


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