Who still has the album Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield?

Martin Richter… didn’t the producer live in George street ?

Phil Thornton… That would be Tom Newman – he also lived in Croft rd for a while.

Pete Fairless… Somewhere…. won’t be looking for it in a hurry, though!

Peter Thomson… I think so, as we didn’t throw any vinyl out unless we had a double up on marriage (ooh er). This would be in very good condition as it hardly ever made it to the turntable.

Angela Frances Gardner… I’ve still got my copy on vinyl or as we used to call them my LP!

Mike Curtis… I bought a copy of Camembert Electronique, by Gong, from Cass Music in Eastbourne. Took it home, put it on the Garrard SP25 mk11 turntable, through the Trio amp into some Wharfdale Linton 2 speakers, and out came side 1 of Tubular Bells! Side 2 was Gong.

Chris Meachen… That’s probably worth money if you’ve still got it..

Mike Curtis…  I sure have. But I stupidly sold a demonstration copy of “Love Me Do” by The Beatles for £100 about 25 years ago. Only 250 made and they fetch £10k now…

Jo Avery… Yep, but this one is my favourite…

Nigel Goodman… Vinyl, picture disc and CD

Pauline Hillier… I have. As you know Phil, Tim was pianist on the world tour x

Jeff Belton… I own the album on vinyl ( LP), and C. D

Sam Rosewell… Yep. And the CD. Although Hergest Ridge is a good listen

Dave Weeks… Had several but they were all faulty

Joe Knight… Still got mine

Julie Morris… Yep!

Eric Harmer… Great album. Played it the other day

Tim Moose Bruce… Still got my vinyl copy. Got in 1973 together with Dark Side Of The Moon. Got Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn too. Saw him at Brighton Centre in 1980.

Chris Meachen… Got the original lp, & recently picked up a CD version…

Peter Checksfield… Got the super wizzo iTunes special box set, all (tubular) bells ringing version, that includes the original demo

Josie Lawson… Don’t have but did have and loved it

Jane Saunders… yes cd version and the remix version x

Pete Prescott… yeah I have one vinyl and one cd !

Jennie Tocock… Still got mine!

Alan Parker… got it on vinyl and cd

Pete Fisher… long article for musos and tech freaks…https://www.soundonsound.com/…/classic-tracks-mike…

Jim Breeds… Yep.

Ian Cramp… yes on CD,LP and cassette tape brilliant album and ahead of it’s time still sounds great today – oh and is also my current ring tone…

Dave Weeks… The live documentary/ performance was impressive too

Angela Frances Gardner… I’ve still got my album!

Jan Warren… Yep, still got mine, love this album, so many memories of the early 70s…. and still love the bit when the “rock guitar” comes in!

Tim Moose Bruce… Then there is the orchestral version. And Tubular Bells 2 and 3. 2 is ok 3 is really good.

John William Willis… yes still got mine

Sandy Max… Me!

Clifford Rose… I preferred Ommadawn

Colin Gibson… Not me!

Sue Salmon Holmes Mock… me

Keith Veness… have 2



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