Hastings Pier future decided? Protest tonight Wednesday 13th June 2018

photo shared from Hasting Pier – End Of The Pier Show

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Message today from The Hastings Pier group…

Dear friends,

It has come to our attention that Hastings Pier is likely to be sold to Sheikh Gulzar from Eastbourne Pier either tomorrow or Friday.

As employees of Hastings Pier, we have remained neutral over the past eight months, as we’ve trusted that the Heritage Lottery Fund and Administrators will do the right thing for the Pier’s future. But faced with the reality that an asset which was saved with £15.2 million of public money will be sold to a private entrepreneur with no public consultation, we have no choice but to speak up.

So we will be holding a protest gig on the Pier from 6.00PM TONIGHT – we invite everyone who cares about this issue to come and make your voice heard – GIVE THE FRIENDS OF HASTINGS PIER MORE TIME!

The Friends of Hastings Pier are currently in conversations with world class operators, with the proposition of making a collaborative bid. We know the Pier hasn’t been working. We know that things need to change and improve – we need a building, we need a budget, but we have a plan and if we’re given time and investment we believe we can turn Hastings Pier into the icon the town deserves. They need somewhere between a few days and a couple of weeks – surely this is worth waiting for.

CONFIRMED SO FAR… Very pleased to announce that we have so far confirmed the following artists and speakers for tonight’s event at 6.00pm:

Los Twangueros
Rufus Stone
Colden Drystone
Rushbrooke Music
Jess Steele
Buddha Triangle

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