Who remembers the change to colour television?

Phil Gill… You mean we get TV in colour now? Where? How?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I believe you can buy a special screen to put in front of your black & white tv…..

Phil Gill… Where Leigh? Will Payne Electrics in Kings Road have one?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Bound to! Cost about £5 12s 6d – a week’s wages!

Judie Struys… Phil, So easy. You just need an ordinary black and white TV and a twirly spinny thing and if you squint really hard out of the corner of one eye you get the full colour effect. I found out how to do it on Blue Peter in1967 and I’ve never looked back. I’m currently trying to adapt it to get 4k. Watch this space.

Chris van Rock… Or just go to Curry’s and buy a new one. Other shops are available folks

Nigel Ford… Do I remember gatherings on the pavement outside CURRYS watching Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon?

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