Simon K & The Meantimers – Witch Doctor St Leonards 22nd July 1967

Neil Partrick… is that Heinz as in Telstar, Joe Meek etc?

Alan Esdaile… Same one Neil and I think Ritchie Blackmore was in the band at some stage.

Pete Fisher… according to wikipedia Blackmore played on “Just Like Eddie” in 1963, as one of The Outlaws, who Joe Meek used as a backing group for several artists…

Marmalade – Hastings Pier 27th July 1969

marmalade Marmalade_1968

ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, photo from 1968 Theoldcomposer

Marmalade did some great records but sadly only seemed to remembered for Ob-La-Di. This is the greatest track they did….

Colin Norton… Absolutely agree with Alan – “Rainbow” was another good one..

Andy Qunta… Great record!

Dave Nattress… Totally agree. Used to see them on TOTP’s a lot and they did some great singles. Bought The Very Best of Marmalade on CD years ago from the record shop that used to be in George Street on the left between the Pump House and the big old hardware shop. Is on the Fat Boy Records label – 1993.

Alan Esdaile… I think you mean Old Town Music, Dave.


supplied by Tony May

Diane Neve… Marmalade, Bring back the good times.


Safeways Queens Road Hastings – 1980’s

I still think of it as Safeways and not Morrisons. When I said the other day I was going to Safeways, someone said never heard of it!

Caz Simpson… Safeway’s wasn’t that long ago, was it?

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Caz, anyone confirm when it opened and closed?

Caz Simpson… I just googled it, Morrison’s bought them out in 2003

Pauline Richards…  I volunteer at st.michaels hospice shop on queens rd and customers still are donating ‘safeways’ carrier bags. So they are still around

Wendy Weaver… Safeway and Bejam had a little scam going – they employed the same young people for roughly half time each which meant that they didn’t have to pay Employers NIC as the earnings were too low. Clever? Not really as on the other hand those young people wont have credits for their future pensions for those years.

Tony Davis… They still have Safeway in the USA bit different to how they were here. They build you a sandwich rather than have packaged ones

The Silhouettes – 1963

supplied by Pete Millington

Pete Millington… Another picture came out of the archives which I just had to colour – The Silhouettes in 1963, I think. L-R Robin Peglar, Mary McCarthy, Kirk Ronchetti, Kingsley Trowell RIP, and Rodney Trowell, I saw this line-up in the Old Town Market Hall – well ahead of their time and most groups in Hastings.

The Mone – 1967


img681 img680 img682

all photos supplied by Lol Cooksey

Lol Cooksey… Phillip Earle(from Sidley) on drums/vocal and Dave Neale on bass guitar vocals(from St Leonards) had been in the 3-piece pop harmony group, The SHREW PEOPLE, with Paul Dove on lead guitar/vocals. With the demise of The SHREW PEOPLE and drummer Laurie Cooksey’s group, PROHIBITION in what was probably the spring of 1967, Dave, Phillip and Laurie came together to form THE MONE, with a leaning towards the heavier music popular at the time. Dave Neale was a superb and very fast bass player but with all the excitement created by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton at that time, he wanted to play lead guitar. With apparently no suitable bass players around at the time, Dave taught Phillip to play the instrument and he quickly became very proficient.
Dave was also an excellent carpenter and he built the back line speaker cabinets, his bass one was as large as a Marshall stack but all in one piece and so very heavy, with Phillip’s being about three quarters the size. The group stayed together for about 9 months but only two gigs can be recalled, one at Bexhill Drill Hall and another as support on Hastings Pier.

Andy Qunta… Wish I had seen them! I think I would have liked them! Also, by co-incidence I had one of those WEM Sapphire guitars at that time!

Geoff Peckham… I missed them too. Although Philip Earl became Factory’s first manager. He left shortly after being involved in our van crash following a gig in Lewes.

Mick O’Dowd… I remember Prohibition who played at Rodeo 67 at Bexhill’s Polegrove with Deep Purple and Suspect but I don’t recall The Mone so it comes as a surprise to see them now. Were they short-lived or who did they then morph into?

Tony Qunta… Great photos! Lol already with the double bass drum kit! Nice amplification too! That WEM Sapphire looks very like a Burns! had forgotten about Philip Earle managing us.

Andy Qunta… Yes, I remember Philip managing Factory. As to the WEM & Burns, Tone – I remembered having a Burns Baldwin electric 12- string, but didn’t remember I had a WEM Sapphire 12 before that, until I saw the early Factory pics! They do look very similar!

Dave Nattress… Did Dave Neale play in a band from Bexhill called The Spirits. Mid 60′s? For many years the tag “The Spirits” was to be seen painted on the brick wall of the old Down Primary School – now King Offa – a really early example of band grafitti!!

Phillip Earle… The Mone was indeed short lived. Each member going it’s own way. For me I gave up playing bass guitar and stopped doing anything for a number of years. I returned to playing drums again at the age of 50 playing in various bands until I moved North after my heart bypass. I am now happily retired and often toy with picking up the sticks again.

Jan Warren… Probably saw them at the Drill Hall, went to lots of gigs there in the late 60s/early 70s.