Was this your first shower?

Glenn Piper… Oh yes

Keith Blizard… Yep !

Phillip Earle… You can still buy them at Argos!

Virginia Davis… Unfortunately yes !

Leigh Wieland-Boys… ..me too

Sandy Max… Mine too! Then my brother moved to Italy and I discovered real showers and luxury in the bathroom

Pete Prescott… What a memory. Just remember trying to keep the bloody things on the taps !

Eileen Adams… Yes

Lucy Pappas… Yep! Never worked out how to keep them on the taps, though…

Will Cornell… Do your sinks, basins and tubs still have separate hot and cold over there?

Alan Esdaile… some still do Will.

Pauline Richards… Recognise that Kristy dolbyx

Alan Pepper… Yes me too ! It was the next stage to washing my hair  in the 70’s before that it was done over the kitchen tap !

Dave Nattress… Yes for sure and the hot one used to heat up so much it would blast off the tap and you could smell the hot rubber.  However, my dad being a builder did put a proper shower in the bath eventually – still  a novelty back then.  When we were lads in Bexhill about 12 years old – so 1965 or so, we learned that the Athletic Club in Little Common Road had hot showers you could stay in for a long time after doing a evening run round the downs or indoor games or whatever – absolute luxury!!  Showers in Bexhill Down Secondary Modern were not bad at the school site but at the games field off Gunters Lane/Glenleigh park they were invariably cold.

Ian Johnson… Yes

Lyn Humphrey… Come on Dave–you did the same as the rest of us using the Downs school showers–you just wet your towel in it and went home unwashed!

Jim Hobbs… A bath? Sheer luxury!

Conan Howard… just like this , I hated having to sit in a bath with your own dirt after a hard days work as a plumber in the 60s  . when I got my own house the first job was to fit a real shower cubical …oh what joy

Joe Knight… Used to blow off and go Every where

Martin Richter… a jug in the kitchen sink was my first!

Chris Wood… If you had one of these it was probably your last… Well until your skin healed…


Saturdays Discotheque George Street Hastings – photo Martin Richter

photo Martin Richter

Martin Richter… the “whizz-line” is a giveaway this is *bar 2* – the *cocktail bar* – I started work here on the day after my 18th birthday. With simon grant, chris davies, steve “roots” bridger, vince catt and could be daren gillett?

Paul Bryant… That is a great photo mate,Tim And Keith in the middle of it all,looks kinda like that photo at the end of the Shining with Jack in the photo

What is your favourite Michael Jackson track? – born August 29, 1958

2nd June 1988. “Wiener Stadium”, Vienna, Austria. photo:Zoran Veselinovic

Matt Thomas… Human Nature

Tony May… So hard to pick one but I guess, ‘Billie Jean’ has the most precious memories attached to it for me…

Terry Hardwick… I’m still recovering from your Billy Jean King Tennis Joke from Speakeasy.

Alan Esdaile…  I’ll Be There

Matt Thomas…  For danceability it would be ‘Wanna Be Starting Something’

Jeff Belton… Thriller for me, a floor filler !

Martin Richter…  love the choreography on The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back soul train, you tube video.

Terry Pack… I want you back. Great harmony, bass line, lyric, and VOCALS!

Patricia Wapshott… His cover of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile is sung with such conviction it so heartbreakingly beautiful and I chose as the exit song at my Mum’s funeral . I love it even though every time I listen to it I cry . And for something more up beat . I want you back , love the lyrics

Jacqui Pearce… Pretty Young Thing

Tony May… Oh Patricia, so lovely to see someone else that likes the sensitive side to Michael’s work. ‘Smile’ and ‘Childhood’ are amazing songs – I think the ‘History’ (non hits CD) is easily up there with his very best work. ‘You Are Not Alone’ was the song I blubbed to when he died…

Paul Bryant… Off the wall.

mistaken identity – wrong car!

shared from Inspire Uplift https://www.facebook.com/inspireuplift/

Margaret Fletcher… Yes

Roy Penfold… Once a car very similar to a friends pulled up. I opened the passenger door and got in to find a very confused looking chap in the drivers seat. Just as I was apologising my friend pulled up behind..

Terry Hardwick… I did a Austin 1800 and my key opened it and I got in then realised and rapidly got out.

Judith Monk… Did it the other day!

John Williams… I sat in one and an old lady was in the passenger seat driver went off to get a parking ticket scared the shit out of me and the woman I thought I left my car unlocked

Nicki Dann… Lol no ! You know what I mean

John Warner… I nearly broke into another Mini Cooper once, same colour. Luckily I looked through the window and realised it wasn’t mine. Mine was about 3 cars away.

Keith Blizard… Yep at Goodwood Races and the car and first four letters and numbers were the same !

Alan Parker… Yep, back in the ’70s when car locks werent so good got into what I thought was my Cortina and started it up and then realised it was not mine coz it was manuel and mine was auto.

Bob Cockburn… Yes, last wk…..I tried to clean someone else’s tyre. Doh !!!

Alan Parker… That was good of you Bob. If I bring my car round could you give it a wash?

Brigitte Lee… My daughter recently had a stranger get in the back of her car by accident!

John Coleman… I actually got into 3 mk4 cortina’s one night after a night shift thinking each car was mine!! All lined up one in front of the other! Key working perfectly Christ it was weird one mistakes acceptable but 4 cars same make and colour ect and point being the key fitted all of them no problemo

Alan Parker… just shows how easy it was to steal a car in those days, I had a mini you could open and start with a nail file

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I had a blue Hillman Minx back in the 70s & on more than one occasion tried to get into someone else’s – remember thinking once that someone had stolen my sheepskin seat covers…..then realised it wasn’t my car!

Mick O’Dowd… Er…Yes!

Julie Findlay-jones… Unfortunately yes just as the owner walked up as well I was mortified.lol

Andy Qunta… Yup!

Dave Nattress… Yes for sure, and very recently in Wickham Avenue, Bexhill and more than once have I lost the car in a car-park. As for actually getting in wrong cars, I was sitting in Morrison’s car-park a few years back waiting for Mrs N to return, and waiting and waiting, she’d gone for the usual 2 things – which means at least 22, and parked very close to my car was the same model and colour and a lady weighed down with a couple of shopping bags and obviously thinking about goodness knows what opened the rear passenger door dumped the bags before I really caught on and then opened the front passenger door and threw herself  in next to me.  I said as pleasantly as I good, (it was no great problem, and a real LOL), ” wrong car dear”, and she didn’t get it but looked over as I said it again in and then caught on.  Embarrassed was she, you bet?!?! and she apologised and we both laughed out loud, she collected her bags from the back and off she went.
Used to work with a guy who had exactly the same company car, Black Ford Amontillado, and the times I came out of the office and stood by his car and hit the open button on the key and failed to realise it was his not mine so wouldn’t open!

Alan Parker… Remember losing my car in North Weald Market car park some years ago. it was half an hour before I remembered I’d changed my car from a sierra to an mg the day before and had actually walked past it 6 or 7 times before I remembered. doh!

Johnny Panic & a rare behind the scenes photo of ‘Deliah’ at the Beach Concert. Year unknown.

img441 img440 jp 3

img353 jp 5

jp 6 jp 7 jp 8

© Eddie Hazell Estate. 

Johnny Panic, Deliah, Sacha, Kevin Francis, Simon Shaw. 

Mick O’Dowd… A very interesting band live. Saw him at Crown House St.Leonards a few years back when he did Delilah while dancing with a blow up doll! It was originally Johnny Panic & The Lost Weekend. He always reminded me of John Cooper Clarke in looks. I think he was local. He’s no longer with us i’m afraid.

Neil Cartwright… Johnny Panic no longer with us – as in ‘gone’? That’s sad. I played with him a number of times when he was going out as Sprayman and the Teenage Idols. His real name was Paul Bloomfield, and I’m pretty certain he was an art teacher at one of the secondary schools in Eastbourne. Really nice guy. Wife’s name was Sue.

Jason Stainer… Johnny/Paul was a friend and colleague of mine for many years. I worked with him in Eastbourne. Saw the band a number of times, even got up on stage with him once for Pretty Vacant. He moved to Anglesey, in Wales, after he retired and I visited him there once. He sadly died in 2009. He was a local celebrity in Hasting and a great laugh to have a few jars with. Sorely missed.


who remembers Brooke Bond dividend cards stamps?

Supplied by Gerry Powell

Jan Warren… …….. and Green Shield stamps and pink stamps, used to save them all the time to get little “exras” for the home I couldn’t otherwise afford!! – I think the “loyalty cards” are now probably the modern-day version?!

Dave Nattress… I do recall the Brooke Bond stamps – like a little postage stamp complete with perforated edges I think. I guess they gum on the back so they could be stuck on the card. They were on the outside of the packet – before tea-bags? My mother collected them. Also Green shield and was it S and H Pink stamps? I remember small individual Green stamps and then I think they started doing bigger stamps maybe 10 x the value of the small ones? I think there was a Green Shield stamp place in Castle Street along from Woolies near where Argos is? Or was it in the Argos place? Sketchy memory hence all the question marks!!

Martin Richter… when Tesco stopped giving green shield stamps in favour of lower prices, green shield stamps went *to the wall* and Argos replaced them – the co-op also gave (blue) stamps – it was my job (as a lad) to stick them in the books! I also remember the cigarette (style) cards you got in a different tea that you collected in albums – happy days

Dave Nattress… Hi Martin, Yes, I thought there was maybe a Green Shield stamps and Argos connection!

Gerry Powell… I do recall the Green Shield Stamp showroom in Kingston-upon-Thames in the early 70’s became the Argos Showroom. I think I collected stamps when filling up with petrol from the Shell station near where I lived in SW20. I do know I exchanged some for a pack of cassette tapes.

Lucky Man lyrics – signed by Greg Lake

Supplied by Iain Cobby

Iain Cobby was saying this is from a gig at the Assembly Rooms Tunbridge Wells and the promoter was Jim Davidson!

David Miller… I like this song very much, but don’t feel that the ending synth section serves it at all. Lovely, nevertheless.

Sandy Max… It’s the Assembly Hall not rooms. Went to many a gig there since I was brought up nearby

Chris Pelling… I was at that gig too and was chatting with Jim Davidson about it only last month at Trading Boundaries, Fletching! I picked up a signed copy of the lyrics of Still….You Turn Me On at Tunbridge Wells. It was such an excellent show that I went to the Dartford Orchard Theatre gig three weeks later. Sadly, although we didn’t know it at the time, Greg’s final live performance in the UK was at the aforementioned Trading Boundaries in April 2013.

Anyone still watch Coronation Street?


Jeff Belton… I have too ( only joking), ask Wendy lo

Mark Praid… Only when these people were on

Eric Harmer… I think Albert Tatlock Still watches

Julie Findlay-jones… No haven’t watched for about 12 year’s, it’s lost its way and isn’t the same.

Graham McCallum… Yes

Mark Praid… The Gents at The Rovers led into Albert Tatlock’s Living Room.

Dawn Leaney… Yep!


Rowntree’s Fruit Gums

Alan Esdaile… A bit hard for my teeth now!

Pete Prescott… Still love them !

Glenn Piper… My favourite

John Warner… You’re supposed to suck them!

Jeff Belton… Yum yum yum

Mick O’Dowd… Don’t forget the fruit gums chum!

Wendy Belton… I always liked the pattern on these!

Alan Pepper… Hey Mick you beat me to it ! Always preferred Pastilles though

Jan Warren… Always preferred the Rowntrees Pastilles, softer!