Who remembers The Rock Follies?

Lynn Graham… Yep watched all of them and got the album

David Wilkinson… Who are these three ?

Julie Morris… Julie Covington and Rula Lenska – can’t remember the other one but Google says Charlotte Cornwell

Julie Findlay-jones… Oh god yes loved them.

Perri Ann Haste… I used to love this! – I also love Julie Covington’s version of Don’t cry for me Argentina made in ’76 – Better than Madonna’s version by miles.

David Edwards… Julie Covington had a really good voice and went onto do musicals I wonder what she is doing now?

Stella Huggett…  I have the full two series on DVD. Loved the music.

Lloyd Johnson… I remember them…plumb a friend did most of the singing…she also did backing vocals for Roxy..,

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Loved it!

Jan Warren… Oh Yeahhhhh, I loved this series, still got the albums!! – met Julie Covington a few times, she used to come in my local pub in the 80s, we sang together in karaoke and drank together, she was great, good times!!

Gin Genie… Julie Covington Rula Lenska.

Pete Prescott… I do ! Julie Covington (she sang the original and best version of don’t cry for me Argentina) and Rula Lenska.

Dave Nattress… Yes, Julie Covington’s version was superb.  Remember the series well.

Tony Ham… The show that gave The Buzzcocks their name. It’s the buzz, cock.

Tom Hodkin… Now I do feel old …..

Jon McCallion… Great stuff, ive got the album somewhere.

Cliff Wootton… I have the season 1 DVD boxed set on the shelf. Seasons 1 & 2 are available if you want to catch up with some history.

Pauline Richards… Isn’t that Rula Lenska on the end?

Pete Prescott…  It is.

Sandie Carlyon… Brilliant. Think I’ve still got the album from the series

Chris Cozens… Great series. Great band led by Ray Russell with Peter Van Hooke, Chris Parren, Tony Stevens and Brian Chatton with songs by Andy Mackay. Got the CDs, the songbook and the DVDs. Bit of a fanboy.

Alan Parker… If I remember correctly the series never got finished coz of strike action.Last I saw of Charlotte Cornwall was acting a small part on an american tv series, may have been Cold case. Very minor and forgetable, shame. Rula Lenska -coronation st. Julie Covington did a lot of theatre work— what voice she had.

Jacquie Hinves… Yes I do!


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