Wanted – Hastings Pier 23rd August 1969

Martin Richter… the Move & kendo Nagasaki – woop woop!

Tony Ham… I met some of the wrestlers mentioned here a couple of weeks back.

Iain Cobby… I’m sure the Move gig is the one where they turned up late. My father was in the theater Bingo that night when the Move mistakenly thought that this was where they were playing. They quickly rushed up to my dad (95 next week) and profusely apologized saying the van had broken down   ( haven’t we all used that one?). I was  waiting in the ballroom for the kick off, and after the gig ( cadging a lift home) was told what happened. “Didn’t you get their autografts?” I said.  “Why?” he said. Doh.

Gerry Fortsch… The Move were great.

John Warner… Used to have weekly wrestling at the Strand Theatre club. Biggest laugh was Kendo Nagasaki who one week would be 5 foot ten and the next week 6 foot three.I think that there were about six of them.

Tony Ham… Peter Thornley is Kendo Nagasaki.

Who had a spud gun?

Roy Penfold… They never quite seemed to live up to expectations though…I remember particularly the paper ‘caps’ that we used to set off by scraping along walls etc.

David Wilkinson… You little tinker you !!!!!

Roy Penfold… Burnt fingernails….always gave it away when I got home….

David Edwards… Could only dream of a spud gun.

Martin Stringer… I’m Irish of course I had a spud gun.

Roger Simmonds… I did!

David Broome… Also had a cap rocket. Happy days.

Mick O’Dowd… Yep! I’m beginning to think maybe I had everything

Jim Breeds… Thank heavens for penicillin!

Jacquie Hinves… Yes I did too!!

Pete Brazier… Saw one for sale in the factory shop in Bexhill for £2

Alan Pepper… And a catapult ! How naughty were we ? Ha ha !!

Lyn Humphrey… I used to be all tooled up–spud gun, cap gun, peashooter and catapult! And we made our own bows and arrows! I’ve since been reminded that, in addition to the above armoury, I also had (and can you believe that an uncle & aunt bought me these?) a plastic flick-knife and a pair of knuckle-dusters! What was going on in those days?

Joe Knight… And a pea shooter

Mister B and Queen Bee – Hairdresser York Buildings Wellington Place 1979

Matt Thomas… My barbers of choice in my teens

Martin Richter… me too

Matt Thomas… Patrick

Martin Richter… oh yes – known him since I was 13

Eugene Hughes… Didn’t that used to be The Black Cat (le chat noir)?

Alan Esdaile… It was a bit further along Eugene stairs going up maybe next to Mozleys?

Chris Meachen… Always used to get my hair cut by Patrick, who I still bump into occasionally.

Alan Esdaile… I also bump into Patrick from time to time and used to get my hair cut by him.

Terry Hardwick… Patrick was a DJ and clued up on his music

Chris Meachen… Originally above the greengrocers, which is now part of KFC…

Martin Richter… Ripley’s

Tim Brooder… Still going,new mister B new location!

Alan Esdaile…Tim will always give you a good haircut at a reasonable price at 41 Robertson Street.

Dave Nattress… Glad I had ridiculously long unkempt hair from 16 – 20.  A long time ago.  Now, my Wife just needs to give me a very short back and sides – number -1 and a shine on top.

Joe Knight… Then Robinson St ; town centre 😊80s