South Coast Ska Stars – Head On 1980


Ray Fenwick, Pat Keane, Tony Bird, Andy Caine,Terry Pack,Kevin Hoad .

Michael Mepham….Good player Pat. Drums, bass, guitar – all good.

Tony Bird….the guy in the front is Andy Cunningham and I’m standing behind him, photo taken about 1981 at the manor barn Bexhill

Terry Pack…..Just read your comment about the wallet, Phil. I think I’m more concerned about the dodgy intentions of the John Lennon lokkalike behind me! Andy Caine is practising his Sting look. What does Fenwick look like?

Andy Knight… Really?

Terry Pack… I’m pretty sure that these tracks were recorded at Tony Bird’s studio in Ninfield on his 8 track, which I think was one inch tape, meaning that the sound was excellent, especially the bass end. I just listened to the track (for the first time since 1981). I’d forgotten how averse Ray was to variation and development. The only thing that changes during its 3 minutes is Wesley’s saxophone. The rest could have been programmed or copied and pasted from the first 12 bar sequence. I remember a different song on which I started in the middle register so that when I dropped down the octave later in the tune, it would sound heavier. Ray’s response was to ask me to overdub a second bass part down the octave from the top, thus losing the effect altogether.


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