Steppin Out – Hastings Pier 26th August 1977 and live track Swift As The Wind from Paul Dengate.

Paul Dengate… Stepping Out: Swift As The Wind (live). Stepping Out playing on Hastings Pier on 26th August 1977, taken from a stereo cassette which had one side taken direct off the mixer, the other from a microphone.

This recording is of Stepping Out playing on Hastings Pier on 26th August 1977. The line up was Titch Turner (vocals), Martin Stringer (vocals), Roger Hubbard (guitar), Stevie (guitar), Del Magoogan


Lucky Man lyrics – signed by Greg Lake

Supplied by Iain Cobby

Iain Cobby was saying this is from a gig at the Assembly Rooms Tunbridge Wells and the promoter was Jim Davidson!

David Miller… I like this song very much, but don’t feel that the ending synth section serves it at all. Lovely, nevertheless.

Sandy Max… It’s the Assembly Hall not rooms. Went to many a gig there since I was brought up nearby

Chris Pelling… I was at that gig too and was chatting with Jim Davidson about it only last month at Trading Boundaries, Fletching! I picked up a signed copy of the lyrics of Still….You Turn Me On at Tunbridge Wells. It was such an excellent show that I went to the Dartford Orchard Theatre gig three weeks later. Sadly, although we didn’t know it at the time, Greg’s final live performance in the UK was at the aforementioned Trading Boundaries in April 2013.

Anyone still watch Coronation Street?


Jeff Belton… I have too ( only joking), ask Wendy lo

Mark Praid… Only when these people were on

Eric Harmer… I think Albert Tatlock Still watches

Julie Findlay-jones… No haven’t watched for about 12 year’s, it’s lost its way and isn’t the same.

Graham McCallum… Yes

Mark Praid… The Gents at The Rovers led into Albert Tatlock’s Living Room.

Dawn Leaney… Yep!


Rowntree’s Fruit Gums

Alan Esdaile… A bit hard for my teeth now!

Pete Prescott… Still love them !

Glenn Piper… My favourite

John Warner… You’re supposed to suck them!

Jeff Belton… Yum yum yum

Mick O’Dowd… Don’t forget the fruit gums chum!

Wendy Belton… I always liked the pattern on these!

Alan Pepper… Hey Mick you beat me to it ! Always preferred Pastilles though

Jan Warren… Always preferred the Rowntrees Pastilles, softer!

Who remembers Green Shield Stamps?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yep! Bought a porcelain horse!

Flanko Fin Barr… yep i still got a panda my mum got me back in the 60s.

Lucy Pappas… I remember filling up books and books of greenshield stamps. No idea what we swapped them for!

Alan Esdaile… Remember going for an interview for a warehouse job in the Green Shield Stamp shop in Castle Street. Queued with others for about a hour and when it was my turn, they said I was too young for the job but gave me a cigarette for waiting!

Mark Gilham… I remember getting into huge trouble trying to cash these in at Wadhurst Post Office when I was about 8

Jim Breeds… As far as i recall the first supermarket in Hastings was Victor Value, and when it closed G S opened their shop there. Now Argos.

Pete Fairless… We used to go to Fine Fare in Queens Road

Mick O’Dowd… Yes!

Angela Frances Gardner… Got them from Tesco’s and petrol stations! My mum exchanged loads of stamps for all sorts of stuff !

Mark Randall… Have I posted my ‘The Book of Saliva’ comment before?

Diane Knight…  Used to love filling these books …no idea what for ..but my mum always had a bag of books !!😂

Barry Upton… Bring it back. Bloody sight better than life today

Dave Nattress… I think….there was once a rival S and H Pink Stamps – genuine I think. Also did not the small Green Shield Stamps eventually change size – becoming bigger and having a different design.

Sarah Harvey… I remember playing a ‘Green Shield Stamp’ Fruit machine down at the Hastings Leisure Centre (Beneath Aquarius). Rather than pay out money when you won, it paid out Green Shield Stamps……. there was an S&H Pink Stamp Fruit Machine too. The exchange for Green Sheild Gifts in Hastings was the shop that is now Argos.

Jan Warren… used to love them, saved them all the time for things, much better than the “reward” cards we get now

Eugene Hughes… What about pink stamps too! Weren’t they from Fine Fare?