SMART Coffee meet 44 Report

Our 44 meet and were pleased to be joined by the new owner of Hastings Pier Mr Gulzar who was talking about his future plans and was happy to listen to our ideas and suggestions. Among the people this time were Cliff Wootton who was talking about the band ‘Perfect Strangers’ reforming. Pete Millington was going through his group photos and some crazy pictures of his bands in frilly shirts and loon pants. Laurie Cooksey had more information on the local band The Spirits. Iain Cobby arrived with framed lyrics to Lucky Man signed by Greg Lake. Gerry Powell had with him a Brooke Bond dividend stamp card, remember them? Sarah Harvey was talking about her group The Happy Maureens,  who are due to appear at Hastings Pride on Sunday. Sid Saunders arrived with bags full of cd’s and kind enough to donate to Conquest Hospital Radio for their next fundraising sale. Roger Carey had a poster of Stan Tracey from The Carlisle gig in 1975, as well as a rare London Marquee leaflet when Felix played and photos of Hat Trick. Among the albums on display was Back Street Crawler who had Terry Wilson-Slesser on vocals which Pete Prescott remembered he replaced in a revamped Geordie group called The Dudes.  Mike O’Dowd brought along  his album copy of Uppers On The South Down, as we have been talking about it on the website lately. He also had  A Teenage Opera soundtrack, Lets go down and blow our minds british psychedelic sounds of 1967 cd’s and 1964 and 1965 NME poll winners concerts on dvd.  John Petri had some more Guitarist magazine cd’s. and I finally managed to buy the cd One Hastings Many Voices from Trevor Webb which I look forward to hearing. This is just a very small bit of what I remember, anyone who wishes to add anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to do so.

Martin Richter… would loved to have been there – but I am certainly not worthy

Alan Esdaile… You would be most welcome to join us on a future meet Martin.

Geoff Peckham… I’ve spent a lovely afternoon in the company of some SMART people. Funnily enough, we were mainly discussing what it’s like being the age we are rather than what it was like being the age we were….and life’s good! Thanks Alan, once again, for organising it all.

Sid Saunders… Sheikh Abid Gulzar paid a visit to the SMART meeting today. It was a very happy and enjoyable meeting.

Jim Breeds… Sorry I missed this one. I spent the afternoon with cousins

Jeanette Jones… Hi Geoff & Ez, the stats bear out that the Oldens are happier than the Younguns Well until they’re not

Laurie Cooksey… I really enjoyed the meet this aft’noon, but then I always do.

Mick O’Dowd… What a comeback for Alan who’s looking much fitter now they have rebuilt him. This Meet kept him well and truly on his toes. Bit of a coup having a visit from The Sheik but interesting all the same. Many memories relived and new friends made. Well done

Josie Lawson… Very interesting….

Jan Warren… Sorry I missed it, had a doctor’s appointment…. hopefully next time!!

South Coast Ska Stars – Head On 1980


Ray Fenwick, Pat Keane, Tony Bird, Andy Caine,Terry Pack,Kevin Hoad .

Michael Mepham….Good player Pat. Drums, bass, guitar – all good.

Tony Bird….the guy in the front is Andy Cunningham and I’m standing behind him, photo taken about 1981 at the manor barn Bexhill

Terry Pack…..Just read your comment about the wallet, Phil. I think I’m more concerned about the dodgy intentions of the John Lennon lokkalike behind me! Andy Caine is practising his Sting look. What does Fenwick look like?

Andy Knight… Really?

Terry Pack… I’m pretty sure that these tracks were recorded at Tony Bird’s studio in Ninfield on his 8 track, which I think was one inch tape, meaning that the sound was excellent, especially the bass end. I just listened to the track (for the first time since 1981). I’d forgotten how averse Ray was to variation and development. The only thing that changes during its 3 minutes is Wesley’s saxophone. The rest could have been programmed or copied and pasted from the first 12 bar sequence. I remember a different song on which I started in the middle register so that when I dropped down the octave later in the tune, it would sound heavier. Ray’s response was to ask me to overdub a second bass part down the octave from the top, thus losing the effect altogether.


Who had a spud gun?

Roy Penfold… They never quite seemed to live up to expectations though…I remember particularly the paper ‘caps’ that we used to set off by scraping along walls etc.

David Wilkinson… You little tinker you !!!!!

Roy Penfold… Burnt fingernails….always gave it away when I got home….

David Edwards… Could only dream of a spud gun.

Martin Stringer… I’m Irish of course I had a spud gun.

Roger Simmonds… I did!

David Broome… Also had a cap rocket. Happy days.

Mick O’Dowd… Yep! I’m beginning to think maybe I had everything

Jim Breeds… Thank heavens for penicillin!

Jacquie Hinves… Yes I did too!!

Pete Brazier… Saw one for sale in the factory shop in Bexhill for £2

Alan Pepper… And a catapult ! How naughty were we ? Ha ha !!

Lyn Humphrey… I used to be all tooled up–spud gun, cap gun, peashooter and catapult! And we made our own bows and arrows! I’ve since been reminded that, in addition to the above armoury, I also had (and can you believe that an uncle & aunt bought me these?) a plastic flick-knife and a pair of knuckle-dusters! What was going on in those days?

Joe Knight… And a pea shooter

Mister B and Queen Bee – Hairdresser York Buildings Wellington Place 1979

Matt Thomas… My barbers of choice in my teens

Martin Richter… me too

Matt Thomas… Patrick

Martin Richter… oh yes – known him since I was 13

Eugene Hughes… Didn’t that used to be The Black Cat (le chat noir)?

Alan Esdaile… It was a bit further along Eugene stairs going up maybe next to Mozleys?

Chris Meachen… Always used to get my hair cut by Patrick, who I still bump into occasionally.

Alan Esdaile… I also bump into Patrick from time to time and used to get my hair cut by him.

Terry Hardwick… Patrick was a DJ and clued up on his music

Chris Meachen… Originally above the greengrocers, which is now part of KFC…

Martin Richter… Ripley’s

Tim Brooder… Still going,new mister B new location!

Alan Esdaile…Tim will always give you a good haircut at a reasonable price at 41 Robertson Street.

Dave Nattress… Glad I had ridiculously long unkempt hair from 16 – 20.  A long time ago.  Now, my Wife just needs to give me a very short back and sides – number -1 and a shine on top.

Joe Knight… Then Robinson St ; town centre 😊80s

Teenbeats – Broken down van 1979


supplied by Teenbeats Facebook page

Chris Turner driver.

John Storer…..Is that Jake Bugg’s Dad standing on the right? 🙂

Peter Bridger……If they got depressed about it they didn’t have far to go!

Richard Turner…..chris turner with his tarten flat cap

Royal Albert…..Love this

Ken Copsey… Teenage breakdown.

Love Bug and Carry On Camping – Classic and Curzon Cinema August 1969

Alan Pepper… Ha ha !! Has got to be one of the better Carry On films ( one of my favorites -) Peter Butterworth as Mr Fiddler in charge of the camp site is hilarious too !

Paul Juan… A week before I was born

Keith Cowper… You missed Babs Windsor’s boobs!

Tony Ball… A good film, one of the best Carry ons