What if James Brown…

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Julie Findlay-jones… What if we didn’t all live in a yellow Submarine.

Colin Fox… What if the mule wasn’t muffin. What if it was a greener shade of pale.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… What if they actually named that horse in the desert?

Melody Gray… What if the lights never went out in Georgia. What if there was no highway to hell. What if Eminem didn’t clean out his closet

Elaine Roberts… What if the stairway was to hell?

Mike Guy… What if that Californian hotel had been full? What if she didn’t have a ticket to ride?

Nigel Goodman…. And the highway was to heaven

Jane Cranfield… What if Dolly only worked 9 to 5?

Paul Huggett… What if nobody had let the dogs out..?

Stephen Moran… What if there was no black paint available and the only option was to paint it in a different colour? Who is going to water his plants and patch his pants?

Chris Grainge… What if mud really didn’t love my tiger feet

Tony Ham… What if Sheena hadn’t been a punk rocker? What if there was someone quite like grandma?

Mark Randall…She’s have been a ‘Modern Girl’. What if a picture didn’t paint a thousand words?

Phil Gill… What if Jolene had found a single man? What if she hadn’t worn a raspberry beret? What if Billy Joe had changed his mind and didn’t jump off the bridge? What if Daniel didn’t wave goodbye? What if the angels hated wearing red shoes? What if Dusty knew exactly what to do with herself? What if Cilla told you to step outside, love? Send me the pillow that you drool on

Dawn Leaney… Will I leave if the midnight train to Georgia is cancelled?

Mark Randall… What if I was in fact a a member of the Master Builders of Carpentry

Peter Checksfield… What if Mick found Satisfaction?

Paul Crimin… What if there was no bridge over troubled waters?

Julie Morris… What if the Hotel California was shut?

Paul Huggett…  What if the Schizoid Man was from another century?

Kev Towner… Well there might have been better funded mental health services for a start….!!

Steve Thorpe… What if ELO weren’t confused?   What if the Climax Blues Band did get it right?

Kev Towner… Maybe they weren’t sure which platform the last train to London was going from?

Peter Fairless… What if Elvis Costello did know where to begin? What if Thriller Night had been last week? Queen didn’t want to break free?

Stephen Fletcher… What if that stairway never lead to heaven?

Paul Juan… What if the Honeycombs didnt have the right to tell you anything

Mick O’Dowd… What if the cat didn’t creep in? Or the sun didn’t have his hat on?

Jim Breeds… What if you were not lucky, man, to be back in the USSR? Suppose Mark Bolan didn’t like to Boogie! Anarchy! But was it in the UK!? What if she kicked him out when he was 64!?

Paul Huggett… What if Dr Feelgood’s girlfriend(s) didn’t do it right? What if they hadn’t been a believer?

Jennie Tocock… What if my guitar was gently laughing? What if Eric Clapton thinks you look terrible tonight?

Michael Irwin… What if Jill came down the hill with half a crown and it wasn’t for carrying water

Tony Davis… What if it hadn’t been a hard day’s night

Steve Thorpe… What if The Jam weren’t down in the tube station at midnight? What if the Boomtown Rats liked Mondays?

Allyson Breeds… What if the sun hadn’t got his hat on?

Kev Chapman… What if the guy who worked down the chip shop swore he was Beyonce?

Jim Breeds.. If John Lennon had no imagination …

Stella Huggett… What if there hadn’t been a last train to Clarksville.

Phil Gill… What if it was little red Toyota? What if the boys weren’t back in town because they were having a better time in Ibiza?

Sandy Max… Slade wanted to say hello to Jane?

Terry Hardwick… What video didn’t kill the radio star

Ernest Ballard… Something in the way she stands still

Peter Thomson… Cor Baby, That’s Really £4.50?

Graham Belchamber… What if Springsteen Wasn’t Born in the Usa

Mike Guy… What if Beethoven could only count up to 4? What if Marty Wilde had decided to take a trip to Machynlleth instead of Abergavenny. What if Delilah hadn’t stood there laughing? What if the Boomtown Rats had liked Mondays?

Martin Stoggell… What if it does fade away. And you can get satisfaction

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  What if she only had 98 red balloons? …he didn’t have a hole in his shoe? …there was no Cathedral in Winchester?

Mick O’Dowd… What if there was not Another Brick in The Wall? What if The Stairway didn’t lead to heaven?

Stephen Moran… What if it was all a misunderstanding and he wasn’t being followed by a moon shadow?

Jim Breeds… Suppose the kids hadn’t killed the man and there was no need to break up the band? What if all the dudes were old? What if Fernando couldn’t hear the drums?

Jo Turner…  What if we’ve got more than Five years and that’s not all we’ve got?

Martin Waghorne… What if grease wasn’t the word ?

Helen Curcher… What if I didn’t have the time of my life ?

Reg Duff… What if the southern rail network were responsible for the last train to Clarksville!!!!

David Broome… What if Bono had found what he was looking for.

Alan Pepper… What if Eddie did want to dance and we knew the way to San Jose and Diana Ross did know where she was going to ?

Dawn Leaney… What if David Dundas hadn’t pulled his old blue jeans on!

David Edwards… What if you didn’t call to say you loved her. What if the night never came? Michelle, you cow. What if Gene Pitney was only 24 hours from Bognor.

Kev Chapman… What if Freddie already had it all, was already free and didn’t have a bicycle?

Jim Breeds… What if Fernando couldn’t hear the drums?

Mick O’Dowd… What if The Stairway didn’t lead to heaven?

Steve Sampson… The Clash could remember their names. The Damned were happy today. Cousin Kevin wasn’t perfect. there weren’t seven minutes to midnight ! The Kasier Chiefs predicted peaceful protest. it wasn’t getting better for Mama Cass

Pete Fairless… The Pretenders had no pockets? Billy Bragg and Kirsty MacColl had wanted to change the world? Haircut 100 had a rubbish day? Chuck Berry had a definite destination in mind? Hawkwind’s machine had been a sort of dull grey colour? Nirvarna smelled like teen bedroom?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… ..it was 600 miles…would they still walk it? And would they walk 600 more?  ….the lady in red was wearing blue? ….Stallion had an asp, not a cobra??

David Broome… Queen were Runners Up?  Bob Marley had shot the Deputy? The Pet Shop Boys got a Mortgage? Pete Townsend was Fooled Again

Steve Thorpe… What if Kiki Dee didn’t have the music in her?

Nigel Sherwood… What if no one wanted to save your life tonight ?

Tony Davis… …..Lou Reed walked on the safe side. ……ground control didn’t call Major Tom. If the train to Georgia left at 23.59 would she still leave on it. What if Jimi’s haze wasn’t purple

Alan Esdaile… What about John Otway, Cor baby that’s really expensive


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