White Rock Pavilion Hastings – Season of Stars 1984

Keith Veness… What happened to the White Rock

Lynn Graham… Still there

Keith Veness…  Not as if used to be

Martin Brown… All we get at the White Rock now in the main is Z listers, a least the people in 1984 were proper stars

Jim Breeds…  wouldn’t have paid to see any of that mostly rubbish, with the possible exception of Sayer who was considered a has-been in the 1980s.

Kev Towner… How very dare you Jim!! I went to see Chas & Dave a couple of years ago – and loved it!!

Jim Breeds… I saw them this year in Hyde Park when they played a side stage at the Clapton/Santana concert. I saw them in 1979 supporting Led Zep at Knebworth. But frankly back in 1985 I think they were at the D list level along with the other names we see in the ad. Otherwise they would all have been playing bigger venues.

Martin Curcher… Most of them are probably dead now. Leo Sayer is now making the most of the good old Australian lifestyle….

Alan Pepper… The De La Warr get all the better acts now . White Rock pick up the crumbs ?!

Matt Thomas… Grace Kennedys brother was in Imagination. Jim how can you say that, there are some classic acts here – Shadows,Larry Grayson and Ken Dodd!!!!!!!!!

Martin Richter… that’s a great line-up – and many doing a couple of nights

Matt Thomas… I remember working down there to sell out shows by Freddie Starr and he did 2 shows in one night

Kev Towner… And if they were all still alive they’d probably still be booking them THIS year!!

Matt Thomas… Better than what they get at the moment though lol. Also notice the bit saying cafe open all day, the only time they are open now is an hour before a show!!!!! Also remember calling last orders behind the bar but it now closes after the interval.The bar was always open non show nights also. and doing my bit on stage lol….don’t ask!!!!


Jim Breeds… Thank gawd there are no photos of me doing my bit in the 1970s Scout gang shows. Only crowd scenes anyway.

Matt Thomas… Mine was 1989 panto party with and audience of Rustie Lee,Jack Smethurst and Benny from Crossroads lol

John Warner… Actually met ten of these.

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