What’s your favourite horror film of all time?

The UK’s Official Top 40 best selling horror films of all time 2018…


Matt Thomas… The Exorcist, simply because it disturbed me after watching it at such a young age

Wendy Weaver… Never Take Sweets from a Stranger – not meant to be a horror but very frighteniong and, at the present time, very topical.

Roman May… The evil dead scared the hell out of me when i first saw it.

Karen Sweatman… The Changeling starring George C Scott – makes the hairs on my arms stand up just thinking about one particular scene.

Alan Esdaile… American Werewolf In London is probably my favourite.

Terry Corder… Straw Dogs.

No Home Jerome… Donald Trumps Inauguration!

Harry Randall… Bill and Ben!


Anyone remember the rock band TAOR?

Gary Sykes asks… Hi, i used to drum in a rock band called TAOR if anyone has any pics would be great to see. we played at rock against racism at the redoubt around 83, Taor were me, drums, kevin rowlands vocals, danny ranger guitar, stuart ranger. bass. We rehearsed at Pevensey bay, played at the six bells chiddingly, archery tavern, ruskin arms, there was a great gig with Sharnhorst at Pevensey bay village hall that was recorded on video which may still exist, cheers. I also remember going to gigs to see Die Laughing, and who was the band who played the Archery Tavern mostly ac/dc covers think the guitarist was called Nick, anyone else remember?

Dan Ranger… We also played the Carlisle if I remember rightly me old mate. That video is lurking out there somewhere as is the demo.

Gary Sykes… Yes i remember it Dan, love to see the vid or the demo, any ideas mate?

Hot sound of Dave Holt Swingtet – 1974

Terry Pack… I played with this band around this time. The line up included Sid Acam on piano, Adrian Underhill on guitar and Bob Clarke on fiddle.

Jim Breeds… Snatch! Real name Jim, I think? I worked with him at Ashdown House, contemporaneously with this story. Nice bloke.

Grandmother sayings – what do you remember?

Keith Blizard… There’s nowt as queer as folk !

Jacqueline Marsh… It black over Will’s mothers (refers to heavy rain clouds gathering)

Mick Bean… Never miss out the word “do” in a sentence.

Musicman Dee… I’ll make you smile on the other side of your face .. Did ANYONE understand it

Arthur Sutherland… the threat of unneccessary violence against a child.

Ian Cramp… yes “Do you want a slap?”

Mick Carlisle Savage… It’s your round lol.

Alan McCann… People who live in glass houses…….should undress in the dark!

Mick Bean… Never stick stickers on your helmet… I had a 125 BSA bantam at the time.

Martin Richter… more cheese – less onion ?

John Beeching… “Don’t let me catch you doing that again.” I didn’t mean to let her catch me doing it the first time

Alan Pepper… ”Stop pulling that face – if the wind changes you’ll stay like it !’

Terry Hardwick… MY dad . Gerch you cows son

Carol Ann Bolton… Many a mickle makes a muckle.

Jake Nelson… If there’s enough blue sky to make a sailor a pair of trousers, it’ll stop raining.

Hastings Fat Tuesday – Win Sussex Life Awards Event Of The Year

photo shared from  https://www.facebook.com/hastingsfattuesday/

Andy Gunton… We only went and fucking won! Yay!!

Eric Harmer… Well done everyone involved

David Edwards…  Yep, something else that is good for Hastings!

Tony Davis…  Nice job

Alan Esdaile… Congratulations, well deserved.

Martin Cook… Well done

Batty and Dave (Bill Willshire and Dave Stoner) 1974

Chris Baker… Bloody hell! Not seen that for decades! Used to spend Sunday mornings with Dave “mending” my Honda 50 and making it go faster before playing darts in the Lord Warden until I couldn’t see straight enough to play! 😁 Of course, Batty Bill married my sister, sort of

Barry Newton… Bill when he was young and slim, lol

The GT Strokers – 58 Club Winchelsea Beach – 1967


supplied by Tony Lambert

l to r: Andy Webster (very good rhythm and arranger),  Tony Lambert (now singing ?), Paul Freeman (on his Ludwig drums who was the best drummer around here) Revelle Stockdale (very talented) and  far right Graham Kent (good bassist and arranger).

Tony Lambert…  here is the GT Strokers about April ’67…. 58 club Winchelsea Beach. We had the Friday night spot for a while then took over from King Rod and co. on Saturdays, as they went touring.
This was before the flower power look took hold later in ’67, best time for many that year the summer of love! Bill who ran the 58 club didn’t like our new flower power look so we we left. When we broke up later that year Paul, Rev and i joined King Rod for a while but left and went our own ways. Tried several other bands but didn’t work out, pity because we were progressing very well as the GTS.

Geoff Peckham… I never saw The GT Strokers, but I’d certainly heard of them. A lady my mum knew, Blanche Adams, a retired governess and concert violinist took an interest in my musical progress and helped me buy some equipment. She was also Andy Webster’s landlady, and she introduced me to him as I think he was getting married and was selling some gear. He was really friendly and taught me “My Girl” among other songs. He also sold me the Leeds Chord Dictionary, which I still have! This was around ’68/’69.

Robert Searle… Great to see a picture with Paul Freeman on his Ludwig drums and Rev Stockdale on guitar.

Carol Arnold… aaa, loved the 58 club.

Mark Randall… Where abouts was the 58?

Alan Esdaile… It was behind The Ship Pub, Mark.

Tony Lambert… Paul Freeman’s cousin was Mick Taylor who played with the Stones after Brian Jones left us, so quite a talented family. I always encouraged Paul to go pro, with his talent and connections it could have come about…what a pity he missed out. When the GTS was in the flower power mode we used oil slide projection backgrounds and incense sticks with synchronized flashing lights,which most enjoyed but it was rather too much for some to bear especially at the 58 club !…..we always tried our best to entertain, we tried to learn at least 2 new numbers a week, not easy when doing a full time job.

Colin Fox… Rev Stockdale, Kevin Hoad, Chris Howard, Kate Honey and me when we played in the 80’s as ‘Elite’, at the Fishermens Club Eastbourne. Bob Searle and I used to lodge for a while at Paul Freemans house in the early 70’s in Windmill Hill. We had some great times, (I think), as we were always pissed.


supplied by Colin Fox


Did you used to love Melody Maker and other music papers?

Advert 1976 supplied by Barry French

Jim Breeds…Oh for a time machine!

Michael Wilson… Melody Maker, Sounds, NME, Record Mirror. I Brought from Smiths in Bexhill I think every Thursday.
I stopped buying Record Mirror after a while to save money. Then I stopped NME because they had a problem with The Damned and alway slagged the band off or didn’t even bother to review them.So I stopped buying the NME in protest. But I carried on with the other two until Sounds went out of business.

Mike Raxworthy… I was art director at Beat Publications – any musicians out there remember Beat Instrumental?

Andy Qunta… Loved it! Got every one I could!

Colin Norton… Yep, me too! Great magazine! I think that I still have mine in a box that I haven’t opened since we moved here 21 years ago. Think that I’ll do a little investigating

Chris Meachen… I used to buy the melody maker, after getting a bollocking for reading the copy that was part of my paper round before delivering it.. Would also by sounds occasionally, but never the NME which I always thought was a bit of a comic aimed more at the mainstream ‘pop’ audience..

Josie Lawson… Yes, remember buying the melody maker

Colin Fox… Used to buy Beat Instrumental every month

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