York & Crypt Bars Hastings – Oct 1977

1006326_442422985856831_1342889319_nsupplied by Nick Prince

Nick Prince… This photo from the front page of the Hastings News was taken in 1977. Its not of the greatest quality but a close look to the side of the old Orion Cinema, you will notice the York and Crypt bars. I date the photo as about October 77, when the Crypt was well and truly in its embryonic state. Obviously the Crypt would become a live music venue in its own right, playing host to many bands in the charts at the time. This is forwarded from my own facebook page with the emphisis being on the cinema obviously. Lets hope it conjours up plenty of memories of groups that have played the Crypt.

Alan Esdaile… Pearl & Dean ad. Great bit of music at the start which takes you way back and all I can think of is kia-ora orange drink!

Nick Prince… Ironically the Orion took its advertising from an old company called Pressbury. For the record the Pearl and Dean music is called Asteroid and was composed by Pete Moore, yes that Pete Moore. It was introduced by Pearl and Dean in 1970, quite apt for this page. The same session singers have been used on all new recordings of Pearl and Deans logos, including last years. (those singers must be as old as god. lol). Pearl and Dean adverts are still used at a number of indepenent Sussex cinemas, these being the Curzon Eastbourne, Hailsham Pavilion, Uckfield Picture House, Dome Worthing and Orion Burgess Hill, the sole survivor of the Orion chain. The Electric Palace Hastings did have Pearl and Dean but now have no screen advertising. Previous Pearl and Dean logos included Groovy Dancers in the 60s and a Greek temple in the 50s, which was infact the screen proscenium of the Bognor Regis Picturedrome, still in situ. All logos can be found on You Tube or the Pearl and Dean web site. Pearl and Dean were not an old married couple but it was the surnames of the founders, Ernest Pearl is the only one I can recall now. When I owned cinemas it was over seen by a lovely lady called Lydia Pohani . Their corny local ads were just great. lol.


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