who remembers stink bombs?

Sophie Ash… Dr Megit (chemistry master at Hastings Grammar School) was pretty constantly aghast at the general availability of these, saying that H2S is lethal in parts-per-million concentrations!

Dennis Torrance… Never knew it was lethal but as a kid used them rather a lot

Arthur Sutherland… Well, did anybody die? You don’t see a lot of joke shops which used to sell them.

Andy Morrison… I’m 26, they were available at a local joke/magic shop when I was at school but not seen them since

Jeff Belton… Remember them very well. Especially school days, one morning whilst in assembly, the headmaster telling over 300 lads ( all boys school) the weekly news, when alot of us could smell this horrible smell, then I noticed the teachers could smell it. Then the headmaster. He noticed a boy laughing, he said , Was that you, if so stop it ! To our surprise the boy shouted back, Yes Sir which way did it go ? 🤣😁. The Head didn’t look very happy at first , shouted at him, but started to laugh. But the lad got detention he was found with the stink bombs on him, and let off that morning.

Darren Holmes… Our year got banned from the Grammar School Service after a rampage of stink bombs were let off around the town, Stade and Old Town were let off. After that day only the ex Priory Road boys in our year were allowed to attend!!!

Steve Mann… Me and some one who will remain nameless did every shop in Ore village, Ore library, , lots of houses when windows were left open and broke one in half and poured inside my brothers shirt – all in one summer holiday and we were still at Red Lake Primary.

Clifford Rose… End of year school assembly were popular.

Alan Esdaile… I think you used to be able to buy them from Maxwells beginning of George Street by the lift.

Darren Holmes… you use to get them from Toybox opposite Disc Jockey in Queens Road


SMART 45 Coffee meet report

Our 45th coffee meet and among the newbies this time were Caz Simpson and Chris Sherwin.  Caz was chatting to Sarah Ferguson and Colin Bell about memories of The HiFi Club which was at the bottom of the High Street, Old Town. Chris was talking to Pete Millington and Lol about when he was in a trad jazz group with Pete Townsend on banjo and John Entwistle on horns called The Confederates, as well as lots of interesting stories to tell when he worked for Marshall Amps shop in Hanwell.  Laurie Cooksey arrived with some more early Factory photos and Barry French had with him a full size cinema display poster advertising a double bill of Clint Eastwood’s Magnum Force and Dirty Harry. He also had a  fold out tour programme from Steeleye Span Rocket Cottage 1976 tour and The Mirror newspapers Live Aid souvenir issue from 1985, as well as a bundle of comic books. Eric Harmer was talking about the recent success of the Barefaced St Michaels Hospice fund raising gig. General chat was about Paul McCarney’s new album Eqypt Station, happy memories of seeing The Kult, Pete Prescott making next year his last Beatles Day, Pete Bonner when they had a shop in Silverhill, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel coming to The De La Warr Pavilion in December and Tony Blackburn coming to The White Rock Theatre with The Sounds Of The 60’s next March 2019. What radio station do you listen to, Andre’s talk about The White Rock baths,  the closing down of Music’s Not Dead and Di Paolo Cafe Bexhill and SMART taking a stand at the Hastings Seniors Fair. This is just a very small bit of what I remember, anyone who wishes to add anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to do so.

Jan Warren… Sorry I couldn’t make it

Caz Simpson… It was so lovely meeting old friends, thank you

Tony Davis… Sorry to miss this one but was working.

Alan Wood… Very interesting,thank you