who remembers The Lugger 73 George Street Hastings – 1974

Dawn Leaney… Me!

Chris Baker… Many’s the night spent with Luis and Maria “Spoofing” for a round of drinks. I seem to remember it was always a Pound a Round and personally polishing off a bottle of Rum before crawling back across the road to Showstopper @ No. 7. Also got “Toothbrush” as a puppy from Luis and Maria.

Mick Knights… I can remember when it was the old town pie shop!

Chris Baker… Me too, lived in Cobourg from 55 ish. I loved watching the Pie making machines.

Sue James… the pie making shop was on the corner where Fagins now is, The Lugger was a couple of doors away, I used to go to the pie shop with my mum and man. I loved that place, whenI asked people if they remembered it they always said no

Chris Meachen… Fagins is the same building..

Alan Esdaile… At one stage I think it was a coffee bar with western doors and sawdust on the floor and pinball tables.

Gaynor Duke… remember the safari club ?

Factory – more rare photos – Hatters early 70’s


supplied by Laurie Cooksey

Yvonne Cleland….These pics are great. xx You all look so young that this must be before I met you with Daisy.

Mike Curtis….And you’ve not changed a bit!

Geoff Peckham…..Evocative pictures taken at a rehearsal at Hatters, seemingly. Love them!

Tony Qunta….Wow! That does bring back memories! 🙂

Andy Qunta….Don’t remember ever sitting down at a keyboard, but apparently I did!  Jaffa cheesecloth & loon pants! Stylin’!  Wow! That white Strat! Tone could play it too, even then!

Tony Qunta….Is that the Wurlitzer?

Andy Qunta…..Tone (Tony Qunta), I think the keyboard was an Elka organ. 1st keyboard I had. Hideous thing! Always going out of tune! Each note had a tuning thing, which was under the lid bit. Used to glue them in tune, but then they would shift when the organ was moved, especially when we had a gig to do! Curse that thing, but it got me started on keyboards. This would have been ’71 or ’72, didn’t get the Wurlitzer electric piano for another 4-5 years.

Graham How…..Was this Andy in his Librarian period?

Andy Qunta…..I do look kinda studious there, Graham How! Don’t see that very often!

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Super Tramp – records and fashion Robertson Street Hastings 1974

Who remembers Super Tramp?

Sandy Max… My friend Peter couldn’t stand the song Dreamer so he wrote his own lyrics…they’re too rude to post here!

Mick Knights… I picked up quite a few unusual LPs from there.

Nigel Goodman… Omg yes had forgotten that one

Chris Meachen… Spent many a lunch break in there.. It was owned by Rob, who went on to start a double glazing business, then I think opened a care home?