Factory – more rare photos – Hatters early 70’s


supplied by Laurie Cooksey

Yvonne Cleland….These pics are great. xx You all look so young that this must be before I met you with Daisy.

Mike Curtis….And you’ve not changed a bit!

Geoff Peckham…..Evocative pictures taken at a rehearsal at Hatters, seemingly. Love them!

Tony Qunta….Wow! That does bring back memories! 🙂

Andy Qunta….Don’t remember ever sitting down at a keyboard, but apparently I did!  Jaffa cheesecloth & loon pants! Stylin’!  Wow! That white Strat! Tone could play it too, even then!

Tony Qunta….Is that the Wurlitzer?

Andy Qunta…..Tone (Tony Qunta), I think the keyboard was an Elka organ. 1st keyboard I had. Hideous thing! Always going out of tune! Each note had a tuning thing, which was under the lid bit. Used to glue them in tune, but then they would shift when the organ was moved, especially when we had a gig to do! Curse that thing, but it got me started on keyboards. This would have been ’71 or ’72, didn’t get the Wurlitzer electric piano for another 4-5 years.

Graham How…..Was this Andy in his Librarian period?

Andy Qunta…..I do look kinda studious there, Graham How! Don’t see that very often!

Pete Prescott….Andy, you look like a mad professor! I remember the big showman wild image.i love that story about you falling off the stage during a gig with factory.so funny ! your readers and fans should hear it !

Andy Qunta…..Factory were playing, at a college, I think it was. The stage was built up on scaffolding. At the beginning of our set, I was saying “hi, how you doing?” to the crowd, but the lights were so bright, it was hard to see the audience. I said something like “hey, let me get a better look at you!” Then I shaded my eyes with my hand, & took a step forward! Next thing I knew I was dangling over the front of the stage, held by only by one finger stuck in the scaffolding pole! I clambered back up with as much dignity as I could muster! Of course, everyone was howling with laughter, especially my Factory band-mates! Well, we continued the set, & it went really well! Good, I thought, that incident has been completely forgotten! A few months later, we played there again. Before I could get a word of greeting out, some wag at the back shouts “when are you going to fall off the stage again?, accompanied by encouraging applause & laughter! Doh! Oh well, we’re still laughing about it 40 years later, so I think it was well worth it!

Tony Qunta……It was a truly great moment! Unfortunately at your expense Andy! 😉

Phil Thornton……looking like a cool style student teacher !

Andy Qunta…..Thanks, Phil! You would know, of course! For those who don’t know, about the time of this photo I was a student teacher, studying at Eastbourne College of Education. I did a 6-week training stint at a school in Bexhill. If memory serves, there was a pupil there at the time by the name of Philip George Thornton!

Phil Thornton……yes its true ! – I was the only 6th former who was not a prefect so I had the corridor out side the prefects common room all to myself. The Staff room was next door so I remember bumping in to Andy and chatting about music a lot in those 6 weeks !

Steve Kinch……So Andy, your falling off the stage at Manchester’s De La Salle college in 197? was UNINTENTIONAL!!?? All these years I’ve been telling everyone that you are the dude that invented “stage diving”… and now…it’s like being told Santa doesn’t exist! 🙁

Andy Qunta…..That’s funny, Steve! However, if I’d known it would be a funny story 40 years later, maybe I would have thought of doing if intentionally, just for the fun of it! Thanks for reminding me of the venue, btw!

Chris Baker… As I remember them! (That doesn’t make me old, does it?) 😉
Brilliant band, great blokes and still rockin’!

Keith Blizard… Ancient Chris

Geoff Peckham… Thanks Chris! No, we’re not old yet. Ignore Keith!

Chris Baker… We’re not old, just ahead of our time

Geoff Peckham… I have fond memories of rehearsing at Hatters. Andy and Tony’s lovely mum and dad watching TV in the next room as we blasted out, 100w stacks, 100% Laurie and full PA; numerous friends turning up. They ‘endured’ so much and gave us so much encouragement. We were very lucky.

Tony Qunta… Yes I remember the cracks appearing in the plaster in the dining room where we rehearsed!!

Andy Qunta… and the wine glasses smashed in the sideboard!

Pete Fisher… so long ago, but I clearly remember being allowed to hang out while you guys rehearsed Tony, Andy and Geoff – it was indeed very loud in the dining room, and I was impressed by how relaxed and tolerant Dr and Mrs Qunta were, casually wandering through from time to time and saying hi to everyone, and even bringing tea and biscuits I believe…I was happily soaking it all up trying to learn as much as possible…


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