Did you used to love Melody Maker and other music papers?

Advert 1976 supplied by Barry French

Jim Breeds…Oh for a time machine!

Michael Wilson… Melody Maker, Sounds, NME, Record Mirror. I Brought from Smiths in Bexhill I think every Thursday.
I stopped buying Record Mirror after a while to save money. Then I stopped NME because they had a problem with The Damned and alway slagged the band off or didn’t even bother to review them.So I stopped buying the NME in protest. But I carried on with the other two until Sounds went out of business.

Mike Raxworthy… I was art director at Beat Publications – any musicians out there remember Beat Instrumental?

Andy Qunta… Loved it! Got every one I could!

Colin Norton… Yep, me too! Great magazine! I think that I still have mine in a box that I haven’t opened since we moved here 21 years ago. Think that I’ll do a little investigating

Chris Meachen… I used to buy the melody maker, after getting a bollocking for reading the copy that was part of my paper round before delivering it.. Would also by sounds occasionally, but never the NME which I always thought was a bit of a comic aimed more at the mainstream ‘pop’ audience..

Josie Lawson… Yes, remember buying the melody maker

Colin Fox… Used to buy Beat Instrumental every month

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Tony Joe White R.I.P.


Pete Prescott…  I thought he was so cool !  My brother Chris saw him at the isle of Wight festival in 70. Cozy Powell played drums for him. We had the “groupy girl” single and “save your sugar for me”. I played sheriff of Kalhoun county at the dolphin on my cd/ vinyl night a while ago. Great songwriter/ singer.  He wrote pole Poke Salad Annie. sad.

David Edwards… Just been listening to a couple of his songs and was reminded of how good he was.

Eric Harmer… I really think he was underestimated Pete. He was still giging recently

Pete Fisher… He was a one-off…such a good singer and guitarist

Alan Parker… great guitarist and singer, seems like hardly a week goes by without another great one leaves us these days.

Jan Warren… Oh nooooo, I loved him and his music, “Groupy Girl” was brilliant and many more, still got some singles and albums…. R.I.P. Tony.

Alan Esdaile… Not forgetting he also wrote Rainy Night In Georgia.

Tony Davis…  His song I Gotta Thing About You Baby always brings back memories for me. RIP

Alan King… the three albums he did for Warner Bros in the 70’s were very very good, Tony Joe White, Home Made Ice Cream and The Train I’m On. one of my all time favourites – I’m gonna miss him – great to see him come back in the early 90’s

Alan King… I did leave a vinyl copy of the Tony Joe White album at the Royal Standard about 4 years ago – wonder if it’s still there ? hope it’s still getting played a lot, I always used to put it on when I went in there

Will Cornell… He not only wrote fantastic songs, and kind of set the style that Creedence adapted…his friendships yielded some great results too….check out his help on Waylon Jennings last truly fantastic album, “Waymore’s Blues Pt. 2”. Co-wrote some of the songs and played backup gtr and harmonica…..

Kavemen – The Fountain 1964



photo supplied by John Busbridge via Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present


cutting Andre Palfrey-martin collection, photo supplied by John Busbridge.

Andre Martin….Found this adverts in an old Hastings Observer 1964 – any of the musios out there have any knowledge of this outfit ?

Peter Millington… THE KAVEMEN – John Busbridge, Keith Attwood, Jim Beadle and Duncan on Sax, The rest are unlnown – Taken in a practice room at the back of the Fountain pub Circa 1963 – Published by Peter Millington and photos supplied by John Busbridge.

Mick O’Dowd… The Fountain is advertising The Kavemen for their Halloween do. Same band ?

John Busbridge… No, no connection that I know of!

Harry Randall… I sung for the “Loyd Milligon sound” in 68 we used to practise at the “Fountain pub” that could be Joe or Ron Milligon on sax?