Hastings Fat Tuesday – Win Sussex Life Awards Event Of The Year

photo shared from  https://www.facebook.com/hastingsfattuesday/

Andy Gunton… We only went and fucking won! Yay!!

Eric Harmer… Well done everyone involved

David Edwards…  Yep, something else that is good for Hastings!

Tony Davis…  Nice job

Alan Esdaile… Congratulations, well deserved.

Martin Cook… Well done

Batty and Dave (Bill Willshire and Dave Stoner) 1974

Chris Baker… Bloody hell! Not seen that for decades! Used to spend Sunday mornings with Dave “mending” my Honda 50 and making it go faster before playing darts in the Lord Warden until I couldn’t see straight enough to play! 😁 Of course, Batty Bill married my sister, sort of

Barry Newton… Bill when he was young and slim, lol