Anyone remember the rock band TAOR?

Gary Sykes asks… Hi, i used to drum in a rock band called TAOR if anyone has any pics would be great to see. we played at rock against racism at the redoubt around 83, Taor were me, drums, kevin rowlands vocals, danny ranger guitar, stuart ranger. bass. We rehearsed at Pevensey bay, played at the six bells chiddingly, archery tavern, ruskin arms, there was a great gig with Sharnhorst at Pevensey bay village hall that was recorded on video which may still exist, cheers. I also remember going to gigs to see Die Laughing, and who was the band who played the Archery Tavern mostly ac/dc covers think the guitarist was called Nick, anyone else remember?

Dan Ranger… We also played the Carlisle if I remember rightly me old mate. That video is lurking out there somewhere as is the demo.

Gary Sykes… Yes i remember it Dan, love to see the vid or the demo, any ideas mate?

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