Grandmother sayings – what do you remember?

Keith Blizard… There’s nowt as queer as folk !

Jacqueline Marsh… It black over Will’s mothers (refers to heavy rain clouds gathering)

Mick Bean… Never miss out the word “do” in a sentence.

Musicman Dee… I’ll make you smile on the other side of your face .. Did ANYONE understand it

Arthur Sutherland… the threat of unneccessary violence against a child.

Ian Cramp… yes “Do you want a slap?”

Mick Carlisle Savage… It’s your round lol.

Alan McCann… People who live in glass houses…….should undress in the dark!

Mick Bean… Never stick stickers on your helmet… I had a 125 BSA bantam at the time.

Martin Richter… more cheese – less onion ?

John Beeching… “Don’t let me catch you doing that again.” I didn’t mean to let her catch me doing it the first time

Alan Pepper… ”Stop pulling that face – if the wind changes you’ll stay like it !’

Terry Hardwick… MY dad . Gerch you cows son

Carol Ann Bolton… Many a mickle makes a muckle.

Jake Nelson… If there’s enough blue sky to make a sailor a pair of trousers, it’ll stop raining.

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