SMART coffee meet 46 – 30th November 2018

New people most welcome to join us.

Jack Irving… Can I bring some photos of the Savages with Screaming Lord Sutch?

Alan Esdaile… Yes be great Jack, you will be most welcome to join us.

Jim Breeds… New people” – aren’t they called babies, and a bit too young?

Mick O’Dowd… Isn’t that bordering on discrimination Jim? As a babe myself i’m offended!

Robert Forsyth… Thanks for the invitation Alan and looking forward to meeting you and friends.

Smokestack Lightning – The Carlisle Hastings 21st November 1978

supplied by Ken Copsey

Ken Copsey… I came across this earlier today – just over 40 years ago to the day. I can’t recall a great deal about this gig – can you?

Mick O’Dowd… This was one of mine. Can’t find in my archives but i’m sure I was bullied into this by one of their Dad’s who worked at The Hastings Observer. I’m glad he beat me down because they were an excellent young band and I expected them to go far. Maybe they were a bit too young at that time.

Pete Fairless… Well, they’re still going, you can’t beat that Mick!

The Selecter 40th Anniversary Tour – De La Warr Pavilion 21st November 2019

The Selecter will be playing an extended, hit-rich set with some added live favourites and surprises. They will also be joined for a few songs by vocalist Rhoda Dakar who will also play a DJ Set to open the night. The Selecter is led by their iconic frontwoman Pauline Black and co-fronted by original member Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson. Pauline Black is one of very few women in the 2-Tone scene – she is often referred to as the Queen of Ska. Not only a crucial figure in the music community, Black is also a published author, gifted actress and a celebrated style icon.

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What is your favourite Queen track?

Pete Fairless… The first one, Seven Seas Of Rhye, all went downhill from there…

Julie Morris… Such a great song Peter.

Tony Ham… Tough choice, possibly Keep Yourself Alive.

David Broome… Spread Your Wings or Brighton Rock.

Matt Thomas… Las Palabras De Amor or One Vision

Mark Le’mon… Prophet song

Dave Weeks… Anything from Queen 2

Chris Jolly… Headlong

Jan Warren… Crazy little thing called love and I’m going slightly mad ………….

Julie Morris… Those were the days of our lives

Roman May… Now I’m here

Lorna Brazier… Somebody to love. Also,, fairy king.

Paul Morfey… Liar!!

Tim Moose Bruce… The 70s material. When the only keyboard was the piano.

Ralph Town… Killer Queen

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Rod Stewart appearance in Sussex in the 1960’s

supplied by Maureen Fuller

Alan Esdaile… Was this in Hastings Maureen and looks like a CND march?

Maureen Fuller… Lloyd sent me the photo sorry not sure one of the banners looks like it might be Brighton

Pete Fisher… This must be one of the Ban The Bomb marches from Aldermaston to London…(’63-’65?)…apparently Rod got arrested three times during such demos. He did however have ulterior motives – to get near the cameras and be seen, and to chat up the ladies…details here……

Lloyd Johnson… I think this is Brighton…but!…this is what Rod Stewart was wearing when Les Martin chucked him out of The Pamdor because he couldn’t afford to buy a coffee.

The Sensational 60’s Experience – White Rock Theatre Hastings 29th Nov 2018

Without doubt the most explosive 60’s show touring the UK,  for one night only.  With a brand new production for 2018.  Six legendary names take to the stage and deliver to you a night never to be forgotten.  With the definite feel good factor this is the must see 60’s show for 2018. Starring Mike Pender (Original voice of The Searchers) Chris Farlowe, Herman’s Hermits, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The New Amen Corner and The Fourmost. Hits include Needles and Pins, Out Of Time, I’m Into Something Good, A Little Loving,  Bend Me Shape Me, Hippy Hippy Shake plus many more.  Step back in time to when pop music was at its very best.

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Ron Tennant… I love all of the U.K. shows & tours that feature 60’s stars. My absolute top fave singer is the very special & unusual P.J.Proby. He is currently on the “60’s Gold” tour which ends on the 2nd December. Next year will be the very final “60’s Gold” tour & sadly P.J. has not been invited onto it for 2019. P.J. has no intention of retiring so I hope & pray that next year he’ll be invited onto some other big tours & “The Sensational 60s Experience” would be ideal for P.J. That is also so special & is P.J. is too.  It would be great if such a combination was to happen. My fingers are crossed.

Paul Juan… Yep…and there is nothing to stop P.J. coming across still and joining other US Acts still going very strong. I wouldnt mind seeing these such acts like Chris Montez, P.J, Jay and the Americans, Bobby Rydell, Fabian, Frankie Avalon

Ron Tennant… P.J. is originally from Houston,Texas but has lived in England since the mid 1960’s. He’s currently on the “60’s Gold” giant U.K. tour.I went to see that show & it’s superb & P.J. is amazing! Hope he gets lots of work for 2019. He wants it & thoroughly deserves it.

Music’s Not Dead – pop up shop – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – launch party 7th December 2018

We are delighted to announce that Bexhill’s independent record store Music’s Not Dead will re-open as a “pop-up” at the De La Warr Pavilion on Friday 7 December.

More details…

Jim Breeds… I got the DLWP email about this earlier. That is good news.

Mick O’Dowd… It’s not dead! It’s only resting!