How to you store your lp’s and other formats? asks Mick Bean

Mick Bean… So did you store your LPs? In “A B C” order, number them, genres, favourites to the left/right or like me a bloody great pile in the corner?

Alan Esdaile… LP’s in A-Z order but so many singles had them in label order.

Judy Atkinson… LPs alphabetical by band, but the compilation ones in a pile on top – and they’re still in the cupboard under the turntable

Matt Thomas… I have OCD so I’ll leave that for you to decide

David Wilkinson… Ask Chris Gentry – I have 400 Motown vinyl albums and 600 other albums. 2 sections, both arranged in alphabetical order. Otherwise I’d never find anything, However CDs are just a mess located all over the house !!! ha ha ha

Mark Randall… Are you saying this young bit of totty suffered with haemorrhoids ?

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