Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman staybright autograph 1969 supplied by Josie Lawson

Josie Lawson… Alan Freeman’s autograph from my autograph book. I met him when he was doing a staybright session. I only had a small diary with me at the time. He signed in red biro on my date March 1969…first word Staybright.  I left school at near 16 years in 1964 and went onto work at Plummers now known as Debenhams but due to eye 👁 probs had to leave in 1966. I went into work at estate agents in George Street, but always came back that way to go home for lunch. At that time I lived in and flat in Cornwallis Gardens. I passed through outside Debenhams to go for lunch, I can only think that is where I saw him. If I remember right, staybright was used in a laundry powder TV adverts.

Dennis Torrance… His Sunday night pop charts who could not remember pop pickers he was good and did a horror film with Peter Cushion

Nick Shute… It was on the other night!…dr.terrors house of horrors….not arf!

Alan Pepper… Not arf pop pickers !! What a legend he was . Anyone else got an autograph with a interestng story to it ?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… What a coincidence Josie, I worked at Plummers & also lived in Cornwallis Gardens – circa 1971/2, then lived there again in 1977, but I didn’t meet Fluff!

Tony Davis… Leigh, the memories, the people and of course the music.

Terry Pack… I don’t have an autograph, but I do have a story. I was playing at The Marquee Club in Wardour Street with The Enid in 1976 and Alan Freeman introduced us before the gig. He was a fan of the band an he frequently played tracks from our albums on his show.

No Home Jerome… My brother in law gave me this. It was from a party in 1977 to celebrate the first 10 years. I think it was fluff that gave it to him.

Nash Sunley… My claim to fame, I delivered his news paper every morning to his penthouse flat in the 60.s

Musicman Dee… Not arf.

Jim Breeds… All I can add is that I have some cassettes of his 1970s Saturday afternoon Radio 1 shows that might or might not still play.


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