Remember Ice on the Windows – inside!

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Wendy Weaver… I can remember waking up with the dregs in the teacup from the night before frozen in the cup. This was in the room we were sleeping in😣. This, of course, was the winter of 1962\63.

Roger Simmonds… I did and my sheets wet from my breath. Happy days

Nigel Goodman… Yes

Dennis Torrance… Yes lived in house no heating and blankets on bed the not so good times

Mick O’Dowd… Yep! Been there done that!

Vic Williams… My wife was banging on the window saying it’s snowing it’s snowing. If she carries on much longer I suppose I’ll have to let her in .!!!!

Jennie Tocock… Yes!

Terry Hardwick… You were lucky we had no glass int widows

Sue Bennett…  What about the milk coming out of the top of the bottle on the doorstep with the silver top sitting there !!

Paul Crimin… I used to get up before I went to bed, lick ‘t road clean…

Terry Hardwick… You were lucky there were 47 of us living int water tank ont rubbish tip and ave arf hanfull of cold gravel for breakfast but we wer Appy. You tell he kids today and they don’t believe you

Chris Garrod… Remember this well in the 1970s on my bedroom windows. We were made of sterner stuff back then.

Judy Atkinson… Frost fairies

Chris Meachen… Oh yes..

Ernest Ballard… Still do

Gerry Fortsch… Some people still do, if they have a roof over their head.

Richard J Porter… Daily.

Pete Prescott… Oh y y y yeeessss!

Mick Turner… “When it melted, got flooded out!”

Janine Anne Scott… Yes indeed x

Martin Stringer… You had windows?

Patricia Wapshott… Brrrr ! Remember it well .

Terry Hardwick… Cold it were so cold in our house the flames on the fire froze. Tell the kids today that and they don’t believe yer.

Mick O’Dowd… It was ssooo cold the flames on our fire froze twice. So there! Terry.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Still did, until 4 years ago, lol!

Jan Warren…  I think people are “spoiled” by central heating now, as with many other things these days?! – yeah I remember the lovely frosty patterns on the windows and the milk bottle tops popping up, but also how hard my mum worked 24/7 keeping the family fed and warm the best she could with very little money – I find that today’s people are sometimes too easy to plead “poverty”, you see them on tv with leather sofas, computers/mobiles/tv’s in every room, takeaways every night etc etc ……… makes me sooooooo angry

Gerry Fortsch… Tell that to the old aged pensioner that died alone in a freezing house with no food in the cupboard and not found for many weeks because nobody missed them.

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