Les Martin R.I.P.

supplied by Maureen Fuller

I’m sorry to announced that Les Martin has passed away. I know a number of people will remember him.

Andre has just posted this on The Pam Dor Facebook page…
It is with great regret that I have to report that Les Martin passed away early this morning in the Conquest Hospital. Les was to so many of us a great friend and supporter in our early youth. Our prayers go out to his family. As soon as I have any more information I will post.

Madeline Reade… Omg. What a lovely person. RIP Les. Xxx

Kevin Burchett… RIP Les a wonderful person

Ernest Ballard… Sad news thinking of his family and friends today

Sandy Max… Another one bites the dust. RIP Les Martin

Matt Thomas… R.I.P.Les, many childhood memories, sending condolences to his son Jason and now reunited with his daughter Tracy

Andy Qunta… RIP, Les.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Sad news

Carol Paffett… RIP Les Martin

Martin Stringer… So sorry to hear that. I used to work with him at the Pam Dor in the sixties. Vicki.

Josie Lawson… R.I.P.

Terry Hopper… R I P Les a real gentleman

Janine Anne Scott… Loved Les.

Maureen Fuller… Elmer Leslie Martin known as Les Martin
Sadly passed away 10th November at Conquest Hospital Hastings East Sussex.
The Funeral Director is Douglas Mercer & Son 01424 421805 they have set up a Tribute Page https://elmer-martin.muchloved.com/ with those details to let everyone know and it has somewhere people can post memories and make a direct donation to MacMillan Cancer. Les funeral service is at Hastings Crematorium at 10:15a.m. on Monday 26th November. Then, the wake after is at The Harrow Inn, The Ridge all friends welcome .


Amethyst – Solid Selling Sound 1974

Paul Huggett, Barry French, Jenny Kebel, Bruce Cameron

Paul Huggett… We did one heck of a lot of gigs in the clubs and a few pubs with that band. For pretty much the same figures pay wise as some bands get now.

Barry French… Remember that photo shoot well. What I wouldn’t give for that head of hair !!!!!

Alan Hopkins… Barry French’s hair is AMAZING! I’m jealous

Neil Cartwright… Ahhh. ‘Hammer Fist’ !!!!


It’s Hard – The Who – revisiting the 1982 album review by Neil Partrick

Neil Partrick… Why is one of The Who’s most diverse, most accomplished albums, so unknown and so often disregarded? Perhaps because it wasn’t understood in the time it was released in. Townsend was decidedly out of favour with rock’s self-appointed literati who saw the band as a middle-aged rock stadia irrelevance. Yet listening without prejudice reveals some of their best ever songs; songs with relevance then and arguably even more now. Who, in the realm of popular music at least, has ever tried to take on the subject of manhood (‘A Man is a Man’) and successfully captured the absurd expectations, contradictions and, sometimes, quiet bravery that it can encompass? ‘It’s so hard’, as a line in the title track notes, to be true to yourself, to be honest, to be consistent. Perhaps if men (and this is a man’s record) could adopt Townsend’s advice in the song ‘Cry If You Want To’, then failure could really be success. This track is part male rock bombast (check out the sonic guitar solo) and part emotional advocacy. Cry, because your childhood illusions have been destroyed – as we now know Townsend’s were – and the sloganizing political simplicities of adolescence cannot capture global complexities. In a further example of the song-writing thread running through this album, ‘I’ve Known No War’ contrasts the then (and still) very topical abhorrence of nuclear weapons with experiencing war, and in whose wake The Who and others railed against the very notion of gratitude for past sacrifice. This song (and ‘The Green Fields of France’) should have found a place amongst the war memorialisation that yesterday marshalled the masses in an echo of 1930s regimes but with even less historical or political context. There are a few non-classics too, though the danceable ‘Eminence Front gets close while ‘Cooks’ County’, ‘Dangerous’, etc ain’t filler. One of the most extraordinary tracks is the short but overwhelming ‘One Life is Enough’. It could have been an imagined Townsend/Lloyd-Webber partnership in its stagey-ness, but is almost operatic in the lyrical and vocal ambition that Townsend-Daltrey bring to bear.

Tim Barton… ditto Face Dances

Robert Searle… Still have my vinyl copy

Orion Cinema – Hastings 1970’s

Mike Mitchell… As youths we always enjoyed taking a look at the still photos displayed outside…

Jacquie Hinves… Remember it so well

Dennis Torrance… My mum worked there till late 60s till it closed she was a cleaner there . Had a cinema pass which me and my mates used bottle of beers hidden we drank in the back seats lol

Josie Lawson… My mum was usherette then became one who dealt with the money at entrance. I began casually over christmas 1965 to keep my mums job that is when she was an usherette. My Gran died on Boxing Day and she had to go over for 2 weeks.
I became friends with Julie Bull , her dad was the manager Mr Bull. Unfortunately they have all passed now.

Dennis Torrance… I was 15 when I started to use the Orion with my mates as I stated. I remember mr bull well he was ok we had a nickname for him count bull but regret that now . My mums name was ivy Torrance but surname changed to Lamb in 1970 when she remarried. Unfortunately I can’t remember you but lived in stonefield road but moved to Cheviots 1967 if that helps am retired now 65 happy memory’s of times there.  In summer cartoons for kids afternoon and shall I say risky ones evening not cartoons lol

Martyn Baker… Ah “the fleapit”.

Chris Meachen… I remember the ‘dirty mac brigade’ congregating there when they were showing some of the racier type of films. I remember going there to watch something a bit more mainstream, but can’t remember what it was..

Dizz Corinne Ryder.. I remember seeing Slade in Flame there and calling it the “fleapit”!

Ralph Town… I saw the 2 Dr.Who movies there as a afternoon matinee.I had a bath when I got home!

Clifford Rose…  I went there once to see the film ‘Tom Thumb’ there with my Mum and Nan.

Jacquie Hinves… I remember seeing “The Pride of Miss Jean Brody” there.

Ian Johnson… Yep remember that you could sneak in the exit and watch a movie