Emile Ford at The Penguin Bingo Club Hastings in the 70’s.


emile 2



supplied by Josie Lawson


Sheet music 1959 and 1960 supplied by Barry French

Josie Lawson… This is my mother with Emile Ford taken by my father Edward Cecil Hibbit Lawson, when he worked in retirement at the Penguin Bingo. He was a photographer, artist and musician in 1930s but this was in the 70s. In the 30s my dad was a dance choreographer on the Hastings Pier ballroom and entered people for competitions.

Wendy Weaver… Fascinating

Josie Lawson… Miss both my parents but must admit dad was a great photographer….my dad is where I get some of my tricks of the trade from so to speak. Have myself never been professional, but I did once develop a black and white 35mm film at Stafford house near Brighton when on a sponsored adult back to education course in 1979.

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