Mayor and Mayoress Ball Hastings

Supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… The Mayors Ball, one of the big occasions of the year, held in December near Christmas I think. Look at the band playing in the Gloucester Room! Whats the Years?

Nigel Sinden…  I did not get any gifts this year. If I had they would gone to others needing them more than me. I hope to see many changes this year. As we can not go down truther perhaps it is time to start looking at raising those at the bottom instead of supporting those at the top.

John Busbridge… I believe the Ball was organise by the Hastings Rotary and the Gifts were all collected by the Mayor for distribution to local Charities! It would be good if something like this could be re-invented. Everything about Christmas has got too materialistic. My wife and I didn’t even give each other cards or presents this year instead we gave the money to Crisis to help the homeless and just kept our cards from the year before!

Pete Millington… I’m pretty sure this was 1975 which is when we changed our name from Spyke to Jinks. It was also when Rod Trowell joined making the line up Peter Millington – Rhythm guitar (formerly on Bass) Ian Williams – Lead Guitar, Terry Chedzoy – Drums, Rod Trowell – Bass Guitar. Don’t recall the Music Masters – do you know if they were dance band or group?


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