Dr Hook’s Ray Sawyer dies


Jeanette Jones… Saw Him at Cropredy a few years ago now. Not my music, but He made me laugh out loud, a real entertainer, didn’t take himself too seriously! Stayed around to have His photo taken with fans, & really looked as if He was enjoying Himself.

Gerry Fortsch… Another one has left us then, Dr Hook became my favorite band in the 70s and early 80s. I saw them several times, Ray and Dennis worked together so well with the band. I was not keen on the discoish later albums but Ray always did a nice country style track or two so I still purchased them. Rest in Peace & Love Ray

Wendy Weaver… You realise how old you are when your favourite singers pass away and they were a similar age to you

Chris Jolly… COLAC provided PA & lighting for Dr. Hook at their Rainbow gig in 73 ish. He was a nice guy and really friendly and respectful to the crew. RIP Ray.


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