Compilation album suggestions

Eric Cawthraw suggested …. The Virgin Sampler (1975) – with five fingers and a thumb on the front cover, with: Capt Beefheart, Steve (Hillside) Village, Mike Oldfield and Tangerine Dream and many many more. Samplers were always a pretty mixed bag but a damn good idea in an age when music was not so accessible. There were not that many samplers once you take out those nasty discs that were bad copies of pop covers. K-Tel etc., still if that’s all the kids could buy – fair enough – it served a purpose in its way. I do have Wowie Zowie on Decca from (69 or 70) – included John Mayall, Moody Blue, East of Eden, Savoy Brown, Genesis and Keef Hartley. Apart from that I have a couple of German samplers includes Cluster/Eno/ Harlis/Michael Rother/ Jane/Neu/Birth Control. Wowie Zowie was damn good – WOWIE ZOWIE – The World of Progressive Music as it was then!
Side 1
1. Touch: Down At Circe’s Place (4:47)
2. John Mayall: Where Did I Blong (3:08)
3. Savoy Brown: Train To Nowhere (4:05)
4. Johnny Almond: Voodoo Forest (3:32)
5. East Of Eden: Communication (3:23)
Side 2
1. Genesis: In The Beginning (4:08)
2. The Moody Blues: Nights In White Satin (4:19)
3. William R. Strickland: William R. Strickland Is Only The Name (4:37)
4, John Cameron Quartet: Go Away, Come Back Another Day (4:59)
5. Keef Hartley Band: Not Foolish, Not Wise (3:50)


Eric Cawthraw…. I remembered a couple more. I think they were called ‘Gutbucket’ and ‘Son of Gutbucket’ – I seem to remember that one had a pig on the cover covered in swill! I think the Groundhogs were on it. It’s all very vague now

Mark Randall… I had the Virgin 5 finger hobby. Slapp Happy/Henry Cow’s ‘Messiah’, and the bonkers David Bedford’s ( with Mike Oldfield) ‘Don Alfonso

Pete Fisher… Re those German samplers, Eric Cawthraw might be interested to know I actually got to record at Conny’s Studio near Cologne in 2003, formerly owned by Conny Plank, who produced/worked with all the acts he mentioned, and most famously produced Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn”…


Who remembers Courtneys? – 1986

photo supplied by Karen Sweatman

Matt Thomas… Never stepped foot in the place but I can spot Karen lol

Gavin Hide… Yep. Remember in 86 home on leave….plus about 20 others from RAF ARMY bloody good summer leave

Lisa Jane… Went in once

Karen Sweatman…  Lived there around 86!

Eugene Hughes… I was the DJ on the opening night. Played cards with Norman Courtney a few years back.

Samantha Blake… loved courtneys xx always in there xxxx

John Busbridge… Was it at the bottom of Wellington Square on the right?

Roy Penfold… Spent a few months working behind the bar around that time!

Eugene Hughes… It’s was where Flavours of India is now. Or maybe that’s gone also.

Wendy Weaver… I liked Courtneys . The last time I went there there was the film The Stud projected onto the back wall of the stage

Eugene Hughes… thats right. It was controlled in the dj booth. I can remember when I was working there one night. Alex Higgins was playing Terry Griffiths in the final of a snooker tournament. I turned off the light display on the wall and put the match on the screen. The punters were loving watching it. Norman Courtney was going bonkers.

Karen Sweatman… Willie George also DJed there in the 80s. I looked up onto that screen one evening whilst dancing, and saw my boobs jiggling about! He had focused the camera on me! One very quick and screamy flee from the dance floor!

Matt Thomas… After Courtneys I think it was called Rusty’s,but I liked Googleberry’s the diner it became after

Tony Court-holmes… used to go there a lot

Terry Hardwick… I was the dj there after Mike Alen along with Kevin Frost and Willie George remenber remember that African Grey Parrot Rupert. Then it was taken over by Joe Oriorden and called Rustys after his wife Eileen. Norman Courtney was a real Character . Billy Ocean when the going gets tough. Saturday love . Just buggin. I cant can’t wait. Set me free.


Radio Cracker – Sounds Like Hastings – cassette 1989?

supplied by Pete Prescott

Featuring Liane Carroll, Roger Carey, Mick Mepham, Buick 6, Jez Gillett Band, Ian Barnett, Splash.

Andrew Bantock… Ah, the memories. I was Station Manager of Radio Cracker that year. Memories of watching from backstage and Simon Halsey doing the radio mix. I don’t actually have a copy of that.

Mick Bean… When I did a Buddy Holly stint on Radio Cracker (who remembers that groundbreaking local radio station?) I left a photo of Buddy Holly on display in the studio, I’d got his wife María Elena Holly to sign it when I met her in London. I wonder where it is now… Thats rock ’n’ roll I guess.