Mods outside Dimarco cafe and Seeboard Hastings 1960’s

supplied by Vivy Ann Mower – Mod Squad

Dennis Torrance… Never seen these photos before brilliant Alan brought back some memories

Alan Esdaile… Likewise Dennis. Loads of mod Hastings photos on the net but have not seen these before. Happy memories of all the buildings. Mind you looks like no chance of getting a nice cup of tea in Dimarco’s on this day.

Jim Breeds… They were there on a Welsh Rarebit sampling day out.

Harry Randall… Dimarco’s stood where McDonald’s now stands!

Dennis Torrance… True Alan right also about all the buildings there . Dimarcos to happy memories to great food and ice cream and milkshakes. Thanks again Alan

Pete Fisher… Does anyone know what year this was?  1964?

Alan Esdaile… Yes I think it is 1964

Darren Holmes… Love the two kids fighting behind the man on the ground!!! Which one is the mod and which is the rocker???

Sid Saunders… I remember that photo showing an old man that was knocked to the ground. I was away at a motorcycle race meeting that weekend.

Malcolm Sharp… Was working in the resturant by the fountain that day, iorio and demarcos, was funny and scary 14 at the time

Penny Black & King Rod 1973


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Pop Scene from December 8th, 1973. Two more bands I am not sure have been mentioned yet…. Penny Black playing at The Yorkshire Grey and ‘King Rod’ playing at The Regent Hotel (Remember seeing a few bands play live there.

Dave Nattress… The Prisoners – Andy Leaney, (RIP), Robin Heggie, (RIP), Mick Bridgeland and myself had our first gig at the Yorkshire Grey, God knows when – about 1979 and the abiding memory is of Robin’s disgust when looking around the stage pre-gig/soundcheck to plug in some amps to find the landlord’s dog had left a really big curly-whirly cumberland sausgage there.  I can see Robin’s face now!!  Real rock n roll moment that one. Funny the things you remember!!

Dave Weeks… The first gig I attended at the pier I think.

Andy Qunta… Both great bands! Saw them many times, & I’m pretty sure Factory was on the same bill with them more than once!

Tony Court-holmes… forgot about king rod

Headlights, Be Bop Bella, Die Laughing, Sunstroke – Carlisle – 558 Entertainments – 12th Jan to 20th Jan 1979


supplied by Mick Mepham

Mick O’Dowd… This was my first promotion at The Carlisle. I had previously promoted Headlights at The Caves and was very impressed with them. They came from London but that’s all I can remember about them. Can anybody else help out? As you can probably make out Be Bop Bella & Sunstroke were rock’n’roll acts and then there’s that other band that no one on this page has probably ever heard of. Die Laughing. Hi Mick, Lol & Tel!

Alan Esdaile…  Remember Sunstroke very well. Used to be managed by Cy Whitfield in Hastings. Very surprised we have not found any photos of the band so far. This is all I got.


Mick O’Dowd… I now realise I promoted Headlights 3 times. They must have been good!

Jim Breeds… Was the audience mainly made up of transfixed rabbits? 😀

Sarah Baggaley… Hi, my dad played bass in a band called Sunstroke in the 70s. I have a pic of the band with a Hastings phone number on it so I guess it’s the same one?! Trying to find out a bit more about it as he died in 1997.

Alan Esdaile… Is Mick O’Dowd mad?

Tim Moose Bruce…  I remember Before The Storm, they were very young and new to the scene but every time I saw them ( Supporting bands like Die Laughing) they improved with leaps and bounds. I recall they changed their name to Billy Whiz later on.