Anyone remember The Vampires from Hawkhurst asks Barry Newton


photo source: Kent Music Biz

Barry Newton…Alan, Is it OK to use this forum to check my memory regarding a group from a few years back who used to play a lot of village gigs. If i remember correctly the group were from Hawkhurst and called the Vampires they had a blind drummer called Noel who left to play with a well known rock band of the time, possibly late sixties. Does anybody know if my facts are correct and what happened to Noel. Please note I am not 100% sure all names are correct.

Alan Esdaile… That’s fine Barry keep them coming. Found the above photo and more info if you check the link to the Kent Music Biz website. Jed Stacey was in the group The Vampires and played with Paul Dove in Candy Stripe. I will do a few more searches but Paul might know more info.

Barry Newton… Thanks Alan. I used to DJ (sort off) at Iden gigs when they played. Memory slightly of with names Jed not Noel. Always got a good turnout were they played in the sticks.

Jon McCallion… Jed Stacey was the drummer in the Vampires, his brother Tim was their manager. Both still very good friends. I see Tim a lot. Nigel has his own recording studio and still playing.

Paul Dove… Hi Barry, yes I was in a band with Jed &. Nigel, called Candy stripe,played a lot out in the sticks and Hastings, have lost touch with Jed, but have tracked Nigel down am out recording with him in March,on some of his own & my material, I have a band called The Beagles who play Eagles & Beatles , plus other covers.

Paul Huggett… Good band, remember them well. Bass player George Cramp? I auditioned as drummer when Jed left, didn’t get it. The band broke up not long after though, so didn’t miss much.


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