Lysander – Aquarius 18th March 1972



photo supplied by Hastings groups from 1958 to present.

L-R Back Row = Roy Sanderson, Tony Kenward, Rev Stockdale, L-R Front Row = Colin Fox, Pete Shaw, Ray Harper.

Robert Searle….A really good group.great vocals, Good material. Had the pleasure of playing with Colin Fox,Rev Stockdale and Pete Shaw. Tony Kenward has announced his retirement from group activities.

Terry Pack….I had the pleasure of playing with four of these guys: Tony, Rev, Colin Fox and Pete Shaw,during the 80s (and 90s in Pete’s case).

Pete Prescott….Pete looks like john bonham.petes a very good player.very that steve gadd thing down so well.i only played with rev in the jims a couple of times.and colin in the harry r’s.

Phil Thornton….agreed Pete looks like John Bonham and plays like Steve Gadd – haha ! great player and top bloke !

Dave Nattress… Roy Sanderson worked with a bunch of my old mates and we used to go and see him in The Road back then. I ended up buying my second car from Roy and his Wife back in about 1971 – a light Green Ford Anglia – 997 cc – £140.00. It was the old Anglia that I put my first cassette player in – sounded pretty poor I guess but with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple Made in Japan blasting away – no prob. Did me well for a year or more till I could afford my Ford Cortina Mk 2, 1600E. Absolute dogs wotsits that was!!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Hey Gringo… Pete!  The hair?? The moustache?? What a great photo!

Andy Qunta… Great hair, Pete.

Jan Warren… We all had great hair in the 60s and 70s, thankfully I still have mine, I just can’t bear to cut it, its part of me and my history, and I will always love guys with long hair, hard to find these days ……… think hippy/bikers!!! – yeahhhh man!! 

Pete Shaw… Hi fans! Haha, that photo was actually taken on the steps outside EMI after we had recorded “Funny Little Things” and b sided it with “Rejoice” all for Polydor with Tony Rivers producing it…! Great guys, great hair, great fun…and for the record (!) we were named “Performance” ! Harmony Hairspray anyone???

Robert Searle… Love the photo love the group and still got my copy of the single.

Decca Records World Of Series


This is a great compilation from 1969.

Pete Fairless…..Yes, I had that one. I  bought so many albums as a result of hearing the tracks on this.

Jim Breeds…..Yep. Still got some I think. Mostly my Mum & Dad’s though so unlikely to be boat floaters on this page.

Mick Mepham….That was one of my first albums ever!!

Andre Martin…..A classic collection of some of the most popular releases in the mid 1960s.

Ralph Town……I had both versions of The World Of David Bowie.One had a Ziggy era pic and the other his “under the control of Marc Bolan” era pic. All tracks from 66 to 68.Karma Man,The Gospel according to Tony day,Let me Sleep Beside You. Great tunes. Nice to listen to when doing your ironing lol

Mick O’Dowd…..The World of Bowie with the Laughing Gnome.

Eugene Hughes… Omg. I had that. The memories

Alan Pepper… The world of BLUES POWER VOL 2 was an excellent album Keef Harley John Mayall Savoy Brown etc….