The Jaybirds with Alvin Lee early 60’s, help needed

photo source – Alvin Lee Website

Pete Houghton…  I used to know a guy called Neil Janssens-Lakin and he used to talk about the group The Jaybirds and that he played in the band alongside Alvin Lee and Lee Lyons. I think he said he played keyboards with them. He said that they played in Germany quite a lot, so I have been trying to find out if this is true or not. Can anyone help?

The Teenbeats photo shoot – Hastings Pier May 1979

Supplied by Ken Copsey via Ray Fenwick

Ken Copsey… 40 years ago! Colour outake from our single cover shoot Hastings Pier. Many thanks to Ray Fenwick for sending these to me.

Colin Jefferys… Blimey blast from the past …. was this just before you buggered off to Canada ( can’t help myself) did quite well over there I recall. I could of come with you but I had to pay my own air fare and at 17 did not have that kind of cash. Loved hanging round with you guys though. Thanks for the memories though

Tony Court-holmes… rock on Huggy