The Skatalites – Hastings College dance at The Dolphin Ballroom 1st March 1968

Catherine Ireland… Love them

Pete Fisher… Probably would have been down the youth club back then (can’t remember which one) dancing to quite a few ska hits with my mate and his mod/turning skinhead friends…weird and pretty sad that such a cool fashion/music scene morphed into the hooligan thing…played on the same festival bill as the Skatalites a few times in the 2000s, so got to see them live at last…

Mick O’Dowd… Such a good band. Underated. Saw them on Pier on an all-nighter. Fab! Still going today.

Alan Pepper… Wow ! Love to have been there . Wonder how many witnessed this gig ?

Chris Wilson… I was there. The College also had the Skatalites at a Christmas gig held in the restaurant area at the college, probably Xmas 1967. Both gigs were amazing, hot, sweaty, great. I saw them at Concord 2 in Brighton about a year or so ago too. Brilliant band even though most of the surviving members must be in their 70s/80s!!

Name a band or singer that makes you switch off the radio

Peter Thomson… Hot Butter’s “Popcorn”. Lena Martell’s “One Day at a Time”. St Winifred’s Choir – “There’s No one Quite Like Grandma”. Ad nauseum.

David Broome… Float On by the Floaters, Red Red Wine by UB40.

Judy Atkinson… The Osmonds

Chris Meachen… Andy fairweather-low, Morrissey, Elo, Van morrison & many more.

Colin Fox… Lady in red.

Martin Curcher… Celine Dion

Louis Comfort-Wiggett… The Clash!

Elaine Roberts… Frank Zappa

Jim Breeds… Why change the station? I turn the volume down for a couple of minutes.

Chris Giles… Elvis

Phil Little…  Robbie Williams

Alan Thynne….Meatloaf/Mariah Carey…..

Michael Wilson… Ed Sheeran

Jane Deane… Duran Duran. SLB is one of the worst singers ever

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