Delta Wing – Carlisle playlist 7th Oct 1978


delta wing


supplied by Roger Hubbard – Playlist and ticket supplied by Roger Carey.

Danny Hedge, Jon Cleary, Dave Walton, Roger Hubbard and Roger Carey (not in photo).

Alamo Leal… I was thinking here..way back in 1979, Roger Hubbard had a band called Delta Wing, with none other than Jon Cleary (now legendary piano player based in N.Orleans, from Crowhurst of all places) I used to go out with them frequently to gigs all around, Etchingham, Battle and many others. Do you know of anybody that might have any photos from them as a band?

Roger Hubbard… Jon’s just contributed to my new solo album on four tracks. He comes from Cranbrook Kent, by the way!

Martyn Baker… Fantastic band!

Alamo Leal… Yes..and just to think that Jon used to play guitar on that band..and he was already a great player..Now everybody knows..A top “Old School’ piano player based in N. Orleans.

Roger Hubbard… playlist, Excellent.

Joe Knight… Great days.

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