Who remembers Graham Kerr The Galloping Gourmet?

Nick Prince… Yes, he ended up in very poor health from eating far too many of his own recipes…. didn’t he cook everything in butter or brandy? Lol

Chris Jolly… Floyd as well! Let’s have a little splash of wine, haha…

Nick Prince… Floyd just died of drink. It made great television though.

Jan Warren… He liked a drink!!

Heidi Snape… Oh wow! That has just taken me right back to my childhood! Loved watching it! X

Andre Martin… I was told that he served with the British Army at one time in The Army Catering Corps [ACC] and then later he moved to Canada. Those were the days when you did not wall to wall cooking programmes in the schedule and he was always a very flambount character.

Andy James Long… ‘a quick slurp’ was his catch phrase as I recall!

Will Cornell… He pronounced his name “Care”, right? Deborah pronounced it “Car”, and everyone else I know with the name, it’s “Cur”. Go figure.

Chris van Rock… Yes …. he promoted vegetarian health back when it was virtually unheard of , turning his back on his style of cooking on his tv program full of fats and creams and dairy…his beliefs were laughed at even by his producer wife who suffered from ill health in later life …. he was groundbreaking in healthy eating and veganism

Jonathan Mendenhall… I remember him on TV very well…I was only very young even then thought he was a bit too smarmy..use to grab someone out of the audience and he almost “oiled” every time he took a taste of his completed dish…one of those 1970 TV “gems..”

Carol Ann Bolton… He was SO annoying.

Gerry Fortsch… He liked a drink so he can’t have been all bad.

Tara Reddy… I used to watch this with my grandma and wish I was in the audience and that I would get picked to taste the food!! X

Kev Carleonis… Yep. I was a kid then.

Nick Webb… I have one of his books lol

Jenny Morgan… I remember him drinking a glass of wine and picking a woman from the audience to share his meal- what a flirt!! Great though..

SMART Coffee meet 49 report


Another packed afternoon for our 49th meeting. Too many people to mention but will try to recall the new people and those who took the trouble to bring some bits along. Among the newbies this time were Alan Vale, Brian Setchfield, Paul Huggett, Jenny Power, Lucy Pappas, Ian Quinnell, Helen Smith, and Wendy and Jeff Belton. Alan Vale was talking about the band Sidewinder and the Battle of The Bands competition. He was also talking about the amps he sells and collects and has sold an Orange overdrive amp to Eddie Van Halen, as well as a Vox AC30 going to Bryan Adams.  Alan had with him the Vox AC30 valve amp service engineers guide and The British Amp Invasion books. Brian Setchfield was talking about the groups he was in, including Boulder, Footloose and Slack Alice. Jenny Power had with her a record box of singles, as well as autographs of The Walker Brothers, The Fourmost and Unit 4 + 2. She was chatting about when she saw The Beatles at The Odeon Hammersmith in 1965 and had the tickets which cost one pound each.  Pete Houghton arrived with bags of autographed records with lots that were signed by bands from the pier.  He also had some very rare autograph photos of Queen, Free’s Fire and Water signed album, Sex Pistols God Save The Queen reissue single on A&M, photo of him with The Clash, The Mobiles Drowning in Berlin autographed single, photo of Oliver Plunkett’s disco lightshow, and a photo outside UFO Records on the Pier with Corrie’s Billy Walker. Pete Prescott arrived with a pile of Classic Rock magazines and Roger Carey had a photo write up on his 1983 group called The RC Band who featured him and Phil Thornton, Den Wootton and Faye Wright.  Barry French had a number of rock singles with Disc Jockey record shop stickers on, albums from Duane Eddy, The Hollies, The Lambrettas, Dave Mason and Cass Elliot and Tony Sheridan and The Beatles. Of local interest he had a cd of Bushman Brothers and also the Rhythm Doctors Warts ’n’ all.  Nigel Ford had with him lots of cuttings and tour programmes from Van Halen and AC/DC Highway to Hell tour 79. Sorry I didn’t get chance to speak to everyone and this is just a very small bit of what I remember, anyone who wishes to add anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to do so.

Lucy Pappas… Lovely to catch with friends from years ago. Thanks for organising it, Alan.

Yvonne Ellis… Sorry I missed it this time hope to come to the next one x

Jon McCallion… Sorry we missed it Alan hopefully will be there for the June meeting.

Wendy Weaver… Sorry we missed it. Will try to be at the next one.

Pete Prescott… One of the best ! It was so nice seeing everyone !

Robert Searle… One of these days………

Neil Steadman… Sorry I couldn’t make it Alan.

Geoff Peckham… Lovely to catch up with folks and meet new old ones!

Paul Huggett… Good stuff, thanks. Time went fast

Andre Martin… Good coverage Alan, now go and have a lay down in a dark room to recover. Yes it was a very busy afternoon, people arrived when you were have a chat with me and eating your lunch – you had a feeling this was going to be a busy day.

Mick O’Dowd… What an afternoon! Must rate as one of the best Meets ever! Loads of newbies and loads to talk about. Well done Alan and here’s to the Big 50 next time.

Pete Houghton… Well done it was a great afternoon meeting friends you have not seen for ages thanks. Alan it takes a lot to organise and you do a grand job here’s to the next one.

Tony Davis… Another good meet. Nice to see old friends and make new ones

Iain Cobby… Sorry I wasn’t there. apologies to Brian S after meeting at my mum’s funeral the other week. I had been working on elections till 11 the night before and was out of it the rest of Friday. Will catch up with you soon .Saw a great gig last night in Rye, the amazing Jimmy Web. Wow.

Alan Vale… Alan when will the next one be?

Alan Esdaile… The meetings are usually about every 6 to 7 weeks Alan, waiting for confirmation of a free date from the White Rock Hotel.

Vox AC30 Valve Amplifier service guide and The British Amp Invasion book

Supplied by Alan Vale

Harry Randall… Anyone with an AC30 that wants to know about the innards should get this book!

Tim Moose Bruce… I got this book. Its excellent

Alan Vale… So have I

Colin Fox… I had one of the originals back in the early 60s. The colour was fawn in those days.