The Beatles on Hastings Pier in 1966? It didn’t happen. Fake?

beatles hastings pier 1966

supplied by Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas… Came across this poster while working as a bouncer on the pier in the sixties

Alan Esdaile… Anyone know anything about this poster. We know that The Beatles did not play but did the rest of the bill happen and what took place on the 3rd December?

Archie Lauchlan… Mysterious! And very intriguing

Jim Breeds… Doesn’t the story go that Epstein pulled them from the pier gig because they were asked to be on a TV show?

Stuart Huggett… Doesn’t look entirely convincing to me, slightly doctored? Here you go…/live-another-beatles…/

Jim Breeds… December 3rd fell on a Saturday in 1960 (too early?) and 1966 (too late?).

Andrew Bantock… Fakey fakey fake fake!

Peter Fairless… Yawn! We’ve had this before. It’s a fake. The poster was for a Christmas show, somewhere, I forget. Someone added the Pier – for a joke, or as a fraud, who knows, or cares? The Beatles were booked for the pier, they got famous, Epstein didn’t honour the booking but sent other acts in their place. Have a nice Beatles Day!

Jim Breeds… They didn’t show because of a rift in the space/time continuum that doomed them to forever search for a Saturday 3rd December in 1966 in a parallel universe. It inspired their song “I’m Cross Across The Universe”.

Gavin Martin… Probably this was a gig promoted by Jeffrey Archer, just before he discovered Joe Cocker.

Mick O’Dowd… What a show line-up if it had happened!

Peter Fairless… It did, Mick, just not here – and not in 1966!

Mick O’Dowd… Didn’t we get Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas as a consolation prize?

Alan Esdaile… Did anyone see The Beatles?

Tickets supplied by Jenny Power

Jenny Power… The line up for the pier is exactly the same as the beatles christmas show that i saw at hammersmith Jan 16th 1965 (can be verified by googling..although i always thought i saw the Tornados and not the Yardbirds but everyone else is the same)so i reckon the pier poster was for dec 1964

Robert Searle… I saw this show at the Hammersmith Odeon. Great show, great lineup.
Yardbirds with Eric on his red Telecaster they were brilliant

Mike Raxworthy… Those were the days – lots of top acts on one night – now we get one big star and a support that plays to half the audience while the other half wait in the bar!


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